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Welcome to the Resources Section. Here you will find a plethora of original materials as referenced in the print edition.

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2008 First-Quarter Financials

The California workers' comp market began to turn in 2008. Here’s how the major carriers stacked up in the first quarter of 2008.

2008 Second Quarter Financials

The California workers' comp market continued to harden through the first half of 2008. Here’s how the carriers matched up at the halfway point of the year.

Carriers Report Numbers for 3rd Quarter

Get a glimpse of where premium stands for Golden State carriers for the last the nine months. 

Fourth-Quarter results

The financials are in for national carriers writing business in California. Click here to see who was writing what as 2008 came to a close.

IRIS Ratios 2008

State regulators use the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ IRIS ratios as early-warning indicators of insurers’ financial health. With the exception of carriers that have entered the market in the past two years, this list contains only companies that have written at least $6 million in premium.