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Applied Underwriters’ EquityComp Program Like it, Leave it, or Let it be? 

A Two 3/4 Hour Intensive + Q&A

Applied Underwriters is neither a sponsor of this webcast nor is it affiliated with Workers’ Comp Executive or those appearing in the DVD webcast.

CA State Bar MCLE 2 hours approved and 2 hours CE credits approved

$154.00 for DVD (plus tax) 

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A Heck of a lot of information you can use to make money!



Learn what you must know and do before you sell the program. 

What are the agreements Employers have to sign and why is it vital that you – and the clients lawyers – review them with the Employer in advance of signing the Request to Bind? 

Is the Reinsurance Participation Agreement legal in California? And is there any profit sharing and if so when?

What to look for in the proposal?

Pen and paper


What are the liability issues for the brokers and perhaps how to avoid getting sued

Why you should never consider or sell only the minimum price–and is the maximum price really the most an Employer can pay? You’ll be surprised.

Why do the monthly “pay-ins” differ so much even if payroll doesn’t?

What happens if you don’t renew after 3 years?

What is the legal concept of unconscionability?



What are the impacts of the exposure group factor and runoff LDFs

Is EquityComp a loss sensitive program ?

Are the promised minimums and maximums real? Can an employer really get to the minimum?

How much should an Employer be prepared to pay and when?

Are there patterns as to how Employers are treated, billed, and sued that we’ve seen and what are they?

Why is venue an issue?

If you have a client in the program who is unhappy, should you get them out and if so, how to know when?

How to compete against the program – at the start and mid-term

Get the CheckLists

A checklist to use before you sell the program

A checklist to use to show the insured if you’re competing against EquityComp



Get the tools you need.

The DVD comes with a downloadable and printable checklist to use to show the insured if you’re competing against EquityComp and EXTRAS


A Little About Larry J. Lichtenegger, Esq

Larry has a J.D. from Green Hall School of Law at the University of Kansas, a degree in International Law from McGill University, and a Masters in Taxation from Golden Gate University. He’s been Lead Trial Counsel for the Monterey County District Attorney, senior partner in a law firm, and for 15 years has specialized in Investment and Commercial Fraud recovery. Larry represents a panoply of employers vs Applied and is well adverse to their math and how their program works.

Dale Debber

A Little About Dale Debber

Father of Compline and Publisher of Workers’ Comp Executive it was Dale who broke the recent spate of stories about Applied Underwriters’ EquityComp Program. Only that other mild mannered reporter, Clark Kent, exceeds Dale’s commitment to “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” Dale’s brand of journalism is hard hitting honest and to the point. He understands workers’ comp and this program. That what makes him the most widely read journalist in workers comp.


Professional Commercial lines producers who are on either side of a transaction with Applied, as a broker or as the competition. Placers learn what questions to ask, and commercial lines underwriters and marketing types who want to understand the competition.

$154.00 (+tax)

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