About J Dale Debber

Dale is the father of Compline, the publisher of Workers' Comp Executive, Cal-OSHA Reporter and our other publications and sites. He is an award-winning investigative journalist although there are those he's written about who may not be so polite.  He left the journalism side a couple times to direct six statewide political campaigns. He is called upon by legislators and regulators for his workers' comp knowledge. He and knows more about the production side of workers' comp than nearly anyone. Dale is married has grown children and grand people.   He is opinionated, politically incorrect, alternatively funny and curmudgeonly. Dale likes technology but loves the outdoors. He hikes and shoots.

On Call Centers

As an insurance buyer, albeit, with more knowledge than most, I have a personal lines account, which my agent has now transferred to, the carrier’s a call center. I have now had the experience of having both a real agent to talk to and a call center. And there is a huge difference to me as a customer. Let me explain.

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