News Digest 11-26-2019

Quote of the day

“We have been making progress over the last decade, but we slipped backward. That’s partially because, as a result of tax conformity with the 2017 federal tax bill, some states did better on lowering the rates than Minnesota did. And therefore, our competitiveness actually went backward in the area of taxes.”

Minnesota Chamber of Commerce President Doug Loon

Finance & Commerce



Minnesota Chamber benchmarks show mixed results

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, in its fifth annual Business Benchmarks report, has found positive progress in a number of areas in recent years, including now being in the bottom half of states for workers’ comp premiums. Finance & Commerce


WHO targets employee burnout

Some studies suggest that burnt-out employees have less awareness of their surroundings and struggle to maintain workplace safety practices, resulting in the misuse of heavy machinery, delayed emergency response, poor driving, employee fighting and issues caused by falling behind on work-related tasks. The World Health Organization now considers burnout a diagnosable condition. Material Handling & Logistics


Criminal charges filed in Brooklyn construction worker’s death

Prosecutors in Brooklyn, New York have charged a construction company operator, foreperson and engineer with manslaughter in connection with the death of a 47-year-old construction worker who was crushed by debris in September 2018. The five defendants and a bookkeeper, also indicted for insurance fraud, all pleaded not guilty last week. The City


Florida firefighters host mental health awareness training

The Palm Coast, Florida Fire Department is taking steps to raise awareness to the effects of post traumatic stress disorder by participating in its first department-wide mental health training. Suicide rates among first responders are heightened in comparison to the general population. Daytona Beach News-Journal


Virginia report lists recommendations to protect workers from payroll fraud

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has released the results of a task force report that has several recommendations to make sure Virginia workers receive the pay and workplace protections to which they are entitled. The task force recommends increasing education for employers and employees, additional funding for investigation into possible wrongdoing, and harsher penalties for businesses that illegally misclassify employees. CBS19 (Charlottesville, Va.)