Workers’ Comp

Order in the Court

There is a legitimate question as to the criteria used to determine whether a decision by the Workers’ Comp Appeals Board should simply be a panel decision, a significant panel decision, or an en banc decision. The WCAB has the unenviable task of being charged with making sense out of mandates from the Legislature that too often fail to grasp the scope of changes it makes and how those changes must be reconciled throughout the Labor Code. Get an intelligent and realistic take on the situation from Mark Webb. Read More »

How Toyota and Japan Are Still Benefitting From Lean Manufacturing

Colin Baird brings home some safety and manufacturing lessons from Japan in this blog describing lean manufacturing in a new way.

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Five Employee Ideas For A Change In Leadership – Part II

In part two of a two part series, Colin shows how Toyota implements a culture of employee – employer growth towards profit with prosperity.

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Five Employee Ideas For A Change In Leadership

Colin Baird offers 5 tips for employer to use to begin the process of improvement and lowering costs. These will help employers eliminate claims – not only in workers comp but also help reduce wage claims and all those other disgruntled employee actions.

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On Any Given Workday

On any given workday, hundreds of claims professionals are going door to door throughout our communities interviewing doctors for Medical Provider Networks (MPNs).

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What’s a SIG 2.0

In delving deeper into why SIGs and self-insurance can be good for an employer, it’s important to note that this method of obtaining and providing workers’ compensation coverage to one’s employees is not for smaller companies or the faint of heart.

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What’s a SIG – Self Insured Group ?

In discussing the world of Workers’ Compensation in California, we see it is a very big place, filled with all kinds of ways to insure (or self-insure) employees’ work related injuries. Included in this plethora of options is a very useful tool to have in your arsenal; that of the Self-Insured Group or “SIG.”

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