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Publisher: J Dale Debber
Editor: Brad Cain
Production Manager: Maria Galvez


Dale DebberJ Dale Debber

Dale is the father of Compline, the publisher of Workers’ Comp Executive, Cal-OSHA Reporter and our other publications and sites. He is an award-winning investigative journalist although there are those he’s written about who may not be so polite.  He left the journalism side a couple times to direct six statewide political campaigns. He is called upon by legislators and regulators for his workers’ comp knowledge. He knows more about the production side of workers’ comp than nearly anyone.
Dale is married and has grown children and grand people.   He is opinionated, politically incorrect, alternatively funny and curmudgeonly. Dale likes technology but loves the outdoors. He hikes and shoots.


Brad Cain
Editor, Workers’ Comp Executive
San Francisco, California

Brad is a veteran business writer, having spent the better part of over two decades covering workers’ compensation, healthcare, workplace safety and health, employee relations and other issues of interest to the business community. Brad’s career began in the Washington, D.C. offices of the Bureau of National Affairs covering employee and labor relations on the national scale. His introduction to California’s unique political and regulatory environment came in 1992 when he moved to Sacramento as one of the founding editors for BNA California’s Safety and Health Report. Later, a stint with BNA California’s Health Care Report prepared him for his next career with Healthleaders as editor of its California Healthfax newsletter and as a senior editor with Healthleaders magazine.

Brad is a graduate of Wabash College (Crawfordsville, IN) with a bachelor’s degree in history.




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