State Employees Workers’ Comp Cost Increase

State workers are costing California taxpayers more for workers' comp benefits. How much more and which Departments are the worst and best? You might be surprised about CDI? Get the story here.
Are Applicant’s Attorneys Involved….

Convictions In Newly Disclosed SJDB Fraud Scam

Another Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit scam is broken up by prosecutors. Who was involved and what did they almost get away with? Get the story here.
Changes in How We Do Business Everyday in California…

Privacy, Apportionment, Dynamex Bills Clear Houses of Origin

What are the key workers' comp bills that are still alive in the Legislature? We’ve got a full rundown on the measures. Click here for the details.
Classification Cases

No Cross Classification in Harvesting case

A company challenged a carrier’s reassignment of its payroll from the clerical class to one with a much higher rate. Why was this appropriate in the eyes of Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara? Get the full story here.

Court Says WCAB Usurped UR/IMR Process

Did a stipulation between a claimant and employer trump the utilization review and independent medical review process? The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board said yes, but a court of appeal reached a different conclusion. Get the details of this published and citable decision by clicking here.