Commission Updates Goals For Fraud Prosecutions

The Fraud Assessment Commission is raising the bar and giving more direction to the state’s dis-trict attorneys on fighting workers' comp fraud. What are the new goals and objectives?
Heading into a recession…

50% Increase Proposed for DIR Budget

The Department of Industrial Relations' budget is again ballooning to more than $1 billion. How is DIR planning to spend those employer assessment dollars?

DIR To Spend $15M On Outside Media Consultants

Why is the Department of Industrial Relations looking to spend 25 times its annual communications staff budget to bring in outside help to deal with the media? Are we really that tough on them?

Limited Victory In PRA Lawsuit

Consumer Watchdog is waging a multi-year battle to get to the bottom of Applied Underwriters' pressure campaign on the California Department of Insurance. What did it just win - and lose - in its court case to get Department's documents?

Slow Going For The FAST Act

How often is a government agency told to go slower? Why is a court blocking the Department of Industrial Relations from implementing a new law for the fast food industry?

Provider Suspensions Way Up In 2022

The Division of Workers' Compensation is cracking down on bad actors. How many suspension notices went out last year, and what is the forecast for 2023?

The Early Numbers Are In

By: Mark Webb
It is the start of budget season in California’s legislature. What will happen to workers’ compensation? Will DIR’s assessments on employers increase? How will the current economic realities impact general state spending? Columnist Mark Webb shares his thoughts.

Cal/OSHA 300 Log Posting Deadline Approaches

Employers have a workplace posting deadline coming up next month. Here’s what brokers need to know to help their clients and where to get the form.

Cal/OSHA - DOSH Seeks Special Funding

Cal/OSHA is asking the state legislature for about $14 million to fund new technology and to study heat effects. Here’s what these requests are all about.

2022 Year In Review

Another year is in the books. What were the most important stories for California's workers' comp industry last year?
The Applied Underwriters’ Saga Continues ….

NY, Connecticut Want In On The CIC Rehabilitation Plan

What's at stake for New York and Connecticut in the California Insurance Company rehabilitation? The states lay out their concerns and requests in new filings.

CHSWC Commissioners’ Lack Authority

Commission on Health, Safety and Workers' Compensation commissioners continue to raise concerns about re-port quality and completeness. How can the commissioners help the process, and what are they barred by law from doing?

Familiar Name To Chair Assembly Insurance Committee

The committee leaderships for the new session are coming into focus. We know about the Assembly Insurance Committee?

Are Missing Covid-19 Costs Significant?

Were other health systems paying for medical care that workers' comp should have covered? New data indicates that some costs may be finding their way back to the workers' comp system. How big is the problem?

A Cumulative Problem

By: Mark Webb
Cumulative trauma claims, particularly post-termination, have been a growing issue in California’s workers' comp system. Columnist Mark Webb has some thoughts on how the issue might play out in a workers' comp reform situation.