Will California Expand Employers’ Duty Of Care

Will the California Supreme Court hold employers liable to employees' family members and others fro derivative injuries? How did the Justices react to the oral arguments in a case of major importance?

Workers’ Comp Results – Profitability Continues

The results in workers' compensation carriers experiencing profitability? What are the national results, what about claim frequency and severity? Are payrolls up or down and in what sectors? How does California compare to the rest of the nation? Premium subscribers can click here to find out.

Tiered Rating Class Action Settled

State Fund has agreed to refund certain policyholders to resolve a class action lawsuit over its tiered rating system. Here are the details.

Workers’ Comp Bills Clear Key Legislative Hurdle

Which workers' comp bills made it past the fiscal review deadline? Will taxpayers pay them? What do they propose to do?

May Revise Trickery Pretends To Cut DIR’s Budget

Will the Governor's revised budget impact operations at the Department of Industrial Relations – or will it? What are the proposed cuts, and are they even real or just budget trickery?

Formal Appeal Prompts Reclassification

An employer found an ally in their disagreement with a carrier over the proper classification for an employee. What's the story?

State Fund’s Premium Down In First Quarter

How is California's largest writer of workers' compensation faring in the market? The first quarter results are out.

WCIRB Regulatory Filing Under Review

The Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau presented its proposed regulatory changes to Commissioner Ricardo Lara and the California Department of Insurance. What was the community's feedback?

Assembly Committee Advances MPN, TD Duration Bills

The applicants' attorneys and organized labor are backing a bill addressing the interplay of temporary disability benefits and the utilization review system. What would it do, and how many cases would be affected?

Temp Employee Injuries Limited

Who has the duty to carry workers' comp coverage in a dual employer scenario? A court of appeal addresses the issue in this workplace injury lawsuit involving a temp worker and a staffing firm.
Constitutional Equal Protection Issue …

AG Seeks Rehearing In Loss On AB 5 Challenge

Did the Ninth Circuit contradict itself on AB 5 and the ABC test for independent contractors? California Attor-ney General Rob Bonta just filed a petition on the issue. Get the details here.

Hearing In DoorDash Classification Dispute

Are DoorDash’s programmers actually clerical workers or even parcel delivery specialists? The exact nature of its operations and how they intersect with the classification system are at the heart of this dispute.

Age, Job Changes Drive Workers’ Comp Costs

Who is most likely to get injured and file a workers' comp claim? What factors are most closely aligned with higher workers' comp claim costs?

Control of Jobsite Safety Is A Triable Issue

Why is a court of appeal sending a workplace negligence lawsuit back to the lower court? What issues will the court have to address?

CIGA’s Workers’ Comp Surplus Grows

What’s behind the California Insurance Guarantee Association’s rosy financial outlook? Premium subscribers can find out by clicking here…