2022 Legislative Session: That’s A Wrap

Gov. Newsom waited until the end but took action on the remaining workers' comp bills. Which contractors are now required to carry workers' comp, and which other industry has been required? Which ones became law, and why were others vetoed?

6 Claims Shops Fail Audit Review

The Division of Workers' Compensation's audit team examined more claims shops last year and found unpaid TD owed to injured workers. How much, and which was to blame?

Medical Costs Up, But Below Pre-Pandemic Level

How much is the industry spending on medical treatments for injured employees? Where are the costs increasing, and why?

New Applied Underwriters / CIC Employer Claim Deadlines

New deadlines for filing a claim against Applied Underwriters and California Insurance Company over the EquityComp and SolutionOne programs are coming. When and what are the 3 settlement options? How will these disputes be resolved?
Applied Underwriters’ Continuing Saga…

CIC Conservation Costs Near $1.9M In 2022

Costs associated with the California Insurance Company conservation continue to soar. CIC is a unit of Applied Underwriters’. What continues to drive the costs, and how high is the total?

WCAB Panel Limits Change In Authorized Treatments

When can employers end treatment that was previously authorized? What does utilization review need to show?

Organized Crime: Continuing Problem For Workers’ Comp

What schemes are cheating the workers' comp system? Who are the biggest fraudsters? How are they being pulled off?

Is Data The Answer?

By: Mark Webb
There was a familiar refrain in Gov. Gavin Newsom’s workers’ comp veto messages. It’s all about the debate over presumptions? Columnist Mark Webb has some thoughts.

Declining Stats Beget Zero Increase In Fraud Assessment

Fraud Assessment Commission members declined to increase employers' fees because of concerns about the district attorney's efforts against workers' comp fraud. What are the problems and the possible solutions? Will there be legislation? Here is information employers should know, click here.

AB 2848 Extends Utilization Review Study Deadline

A report required by the legislature is two and a half years late. So Gov. Newsom and the legislature extended the deadline. What is the report supposed to accomplish?

Medicaid Lien Recoveries Likely To Increase Workers’ Comp Settlement Costs

A United States Supreme Court decision is rattling the workers' comp claims world. How will the Gallardo decision affect workers' comp claim settlements? The experts speak up.
The Continuing Saga of Applied Underwriters….

New Mexico AG Seeks Intervention In CIC Conservation Case

New Mexico’s Attorney General is back in a California court with a new filing. It appears he is not bringing anything new except delays to the debate over the ongoing conservation of Applied Underwriters’ California Insurance Company.

Bureau On Covid: “We’re In The Endemic Period Now”

The Bureau agrees the Covid pandemic is now endemic. How do the latest Covid claims compare to those earlier? Which industry sectors are driving the trends?

COVID: Which is the Appropriate State Entity

By: Mark Webb
Columnist Mark Webb breaks down the debate over who should oversee California’s efforts to control Covid in the workplace and what those rules should be. Get his take by clicking here.

General Contractor Avoids Liability For Sub’s Injured Worker

A court of appeal says workers' comp was an injured worker’s only remedy. What was the reason for dismissing a negligence lawsuit against the general contractor?