Claims Experience Is Positive, But Economic Factors May Overwhelm

The California workers' comp industry’s claims experience for 2019 is now known. What does it say about the health of the industry and how will a recession impact it? Click here to see what industry actuaries have to say about the situation.

State Fund Wins One in Fight with CDI

State Compensation Insurance Fund is getting its day in court to fight the California Department of Insurance. What turned the tables in the tiered rating system dispute? Get the story here.

Telecommuting And Workers’ Compensation In The Age Of COVID-19

Employers around the state are shifting to having employees work remotely. What are the safety and workers' comp implications of this change? Get the story here.

Labor Commissioner Alleges Workers, State Owed Over 
$2M In Wage Theft Case

The state Labor Commissioner says hundreds of restaurant workers were shorted on their pay. What are the alleged violations and who is being cited? Click here for the specifics.

QMEs, Division In Telemedicine Dispute

The Division of Workers' Compensation and qualified medical evaluators are at odds again – this time over how med-legal evaluations are performed during the current public health crisis. What are they seeking and how did the Division respond? The full story is available by clicking here.