Surcharges Still Being Collected

Details Emerge About the MEWA’s Operations

Key officials of an alleged union were back in a California Department of Insurance hearing room. What did they reveal on the witness stand about their finances and operations? Get the exclusive details by clicking here.

Mental Health Presumption Signed, More Data Sought

California taxpayers will soon be paying more for police and firefighter psyche claims but just how much is the question. Get the details by clicking here.

Truckers’ Dynamex Challenge Tossed By Court

Why does the trucking industry say the Dynamex test should not apply to them? A federal court disagreed, but the case may not be over yet. Get the details here

Is DWC Slow Walking The Med-Legal Fee Update?

QMEs are still up in arms over the state’s outdated med-legal fee schedule. How close is the state to a compromise? Get the story here.

Industry Pushes Back Over Proposed WCAB Rules

The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board opened the formal rulemaking process for updating its rules of procedure and the industry had a lot to say about the proposal. Where do the proposed rules still need work? Click here for the story.