Baker Reforms To Beget Another Rate Cut For 2020

The Bureau will be considering rates 2020 policies today. What’s the controversy underlying the decision? How much will the new rate go down Find out – just click here.

Dynamex Retroactivity On Hold

The question of the Dynamex decision and its ABC test applying retroactively was settled earlier this year, but now it isn’t. What’s changed since the Ninth Circuit ruled on the issue in May? Get the latest by clicking here.

Employers Increases Bay Area, LA Rates

A major California carrier just implemented a price increase. Who did it and why the contrary stance to the rest of the industry? Get the story here.

New Conviction For Pacific Hospital’s Drobot

A convicted fraudster cops a plea to more charges. How did Pacific Hospital’s Michael D. Drobot cheat the government out of millions more? Get the details here.

The Commissioner is an Executive in A Judicial Capacity

By: J Dale Debber
The actions of Commissioner Lara may untimely cost him his job. Herein are some proposed preventive actions policymakers can take.