One Presumption Bill Advances, Another Fails

California has a temporary presumption covering COVID-19 claims, but efforts are afoot to create a more permanent version. Who wants that and why? The argument for and against might or might not surprise you. Get the details here.

AG Sues To Enforce AB 5, Gig Companies Ask Ninth Circuit To Block The Law

California’s attorney general is waging a battle over independent contractors and AB 5, but companies in the gig economy are fighting back. What’s the latest in these battles affecting millions of jobs? Get the story here.

Limited Impact On DIR From Revised Budget

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s May revise includes deep cuts for some state programs. What’s the bottom line in the budget for Department of Industrial Relations and the California Department of Insurance? Click here for the details

State of the Line

National Council on Compensation Insurance’s annual State of the Line report is out. Is the workers' comp system healthy enough to weather the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic? Get the story here.

Classification Fight Over School’s Outsourced Cleaning Operations

Which classification applies when there is an employee leasing arrangement – the labor contractor’s or the labor consumer? When are these leasing arrangements valid? Click here for the details from a recent decision.