DIR Fails To Support…

District Attorneys Records Are Questionable In Fraud Cases

How are California’s district attorneys doing fighting workers' comp fraud? The latest data is in, but some of the numbers are changing and not for the better. Click here for the details.

Fraud Commission Approves $78M Assessment For 2021

The Fraud Assessment Commission made its decision to hold the assessment for 2021 steady with this years amount. What were the arguments for and against an increase in funding? Get the story here.

Applied Underwriters’ / CIC Rehabilitation Plan Pushed Back Again

The rehabilitation of Applied Underwriters’ California Insurance Company continues. The planned release of a rehabilitation plan is being pushed back. Will the carriers lose their certificate to operate in California? When and how will aggrieved employers, already in litigation, get a chance? Get the details here.

COVID-19 Driven Recession Distorts Second Quarter Experience

How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting workers' comp claims? The latest data shows some wide-ranging impacts – some that were expected and others that are quite surprising. Get the full story by clicking here.

Will There Be Depositions Of Lara & Henley?

Can the California Insurance Commissioner be forced to give a deposition? What about his special counsel? Why does State Fund want both? Get the story here.