Experience Rating, Class Changes Now Under Consideration

The California Department of Insurance started its internal deliberations on proposed classification changes and a significant tweak to the experience rating methodology. What are the specific changes on the table and when can we expect a decision?

Sense Of Deja Vu In 2022 Rate Filing

Despite a profitable and competitive market, the Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau again asks for an increase in pure premium rates. How does this filing stack up to last year's? What is the public actuaries' recom-mendation?

Ninth Circuit Punts On Third-Party Covid-19 Liability Issue

The Ninth Circut has asked California's highest court to resolve a third-party workers' comp liability case. What are the specific questions it asks the California Supreme Court to answer?

Gender-Based Workers’ Comp Benefits Bill

It's California, so it is no surprise that a bill to link worker' comp disability benefits to the earning disparity between men and women is advancing. But what about the other alleged genders? What is and is not in the bill?

Show Me Your Data

By: Mark Webb
A technology bill failed to advance this year in the legislature, but the fight over automated decision systems is far from over. What are the broader implications for the workers' comp system? Columnist Mark Webb has some thoughts.

No Defamation For Misidentification In Claims Letter

A Court of Appeal blocked a defamation case against California Insurance Guarantee Association and its claims adjuster Sedwick. What standards it apply?

Applied Underwriters Must Face New Jersey Action

After years of litigation and delay, Applied Underwriters is being ordered to respond to New Jersey officials, as it was in California and other states, over its use of an unfiled and unapproved collateral agreement. Where will the showdown take place?

Levine Uses Legislation to Attack Commissioner

It's no surprise that an Assemblyman campaigning to replace Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara is also pushing bills to reform the California Department of Insurance. What changes is he advocating?

After Settling A Workers’ Comp Claim – Another Lawsuit?

Did the Court of Appeal give an applicant a second bite at the apple after settling her workers' comp claim? Why did she contend that a negligence lawsuit was legitimate?

WCIRB Considers Rate Increase

Deliberations are coming to a head for the September 1, 2021, pure premium rate filing. What are the factors driving the decision? Will rates go up or down? Get the story here.

Where is DIR On SIBTF Research?

The Department of Industrial Relations has promised for over a year to dig into what is driving up employer costs for the Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund. Is fraud a part of the problem? Is incompetence? When is the first shovel likely to hit the dirt?

California Supreme Court In Covid-19 Third-Party Liability Case

The California Supreme Court denied an employer’s petition, but that’s not the end of the case. What issues are still in play?

Court Tosses Landmark Medical Fraud Case

A major medical fraud case was dismissed but it may not be over. Who is involved and what are the issues?

A Moment of Introspection

By: Mark Webb
Federal health officials are reviewing their responses to the Covid-19 pandemic and columnist Mark Webb wishes for a similar moment of introspection for state officials. Will the government create the key to Pandora’s box? What are his key concerns?

Acquisition Creates Top Ten Carrier

Two players in the California workers' comp market are joining forces. How will the deal realign the market?