State Employee Coronavirus Claims Costs Projected At $100M

How is California doing at protecting state workers from COVID-19? How many state employees have filed workers' comp claims and at what cost to taxpayers? Workers’ Comp Executive has the exclusive on the latest to-tals.

Applied Underwriters’ Prevented From Pulling Assets Out of California

California Department of Insurance officials say Applied Underwriters is engaging in more legal double-speak as it seeks to take assets out of California. How much does it want and why? Get the story here.
Is the End is sight?...

Feds MEWA Investigation Continues

Are more federal charges on the way for the operators of an illegal workers' comp program? Will it even matter? Get the latest by clicking here.

Is This True or Not – You Decide

In today’s environment phraseology is being made up which may not necessarily reflect reality. Sometimes the real news we read is unbelievable. Workers’ Comp Executive thinks you should decide for yourself whether or not you think this story is true. Click here to read it then decide …

Few Swinging Classes Reach Limits

A handful of classes are facing rate increases of 25% next cycle. Are any of your clients in the affected classes? Get the details here.