Court Approves Public Release Of CIC Rehabilitation Plan

The nine-month-old conservation of Applied Underwriters’ affiliate California Insurance Company might have turned a corner towards resolution. What happened and how might it affect the numerous grievances that employers have with its parent company Applied Underwriters? Get the details on the development and how you will be able to participate by clicking here.

Proposed Telecommuter Class, Updated Thresholds Now Under Review

Proposed updates to the rules and regulations for experience rating, classifying operations and reporting payroll are now under consideration by Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara. What was in the final package and how was it received? Click for the story.
High denial rate …

COVID-19 Workers’ Comp Claims Over 22,000

New data is emerging on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the California workers' comp system. Where are the hot spots and how are employers responding to the claims? Click here for the details.

Amazon’s COVID-19 Safety Practices Investigated

The online retailing giant is facing allegations from workers that it is taking a lax approach to workplace safety during the pandemic. What are the specific claims and how have state and local regulators responded? Get the story here.

Self-Insured Security Program Adds Members For 2020-21

California’s unique program for securing self-insured employers’ workers' comp obligations is up and running for a new year. What’s the value of the program and who is involved? Click here for the details.