Workers’ Comp: Continued Profitability

What do the latest numbers tell us about the health of the workers' comp industry? Why are past loss ratios decreasing? The national results are right here.

WCAB Levies $40,000 In Sanctions Plus Fees & Costs

The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board is taking an applicant's attorney and her hearing rep husband to the proverbial woodshed. What were their offenses?

Party To CIC Rehabilitation Seeks Costs, 10% Interest Award

Why is a former California Insurance Company policyholder asking the Court to revisit the rehabilitation plan it approved earlier this year? What are they asking for?

Public Comment On Proposed Rate Increase

Here's what the pure premium rate hearing will discuss. Make your voice heard at the upcoming workers' comp advisory pure premium rate hearing. Details and deadlines are inside.

Workers’ Comp Premium And Rates Moving In Opposite Directions

The latest numbers show some surprising information about the health of California's workers' comp system. Hint: rates and premium are headed in opposite directions.

DIR Is Contracting With Outside Business Consultant

Why is the Department of Industrial Relations planning to give an outside business consultant $1.1 million? What does it hope to get out of the deal?

Suspense Bills Advance

A handful of workers' comp bills survived the bloodbath of the suspense file cut down. What would the bills do if they eventually become law?

CHSWC: Focus On Statutory Problem Solving

Commission on Health, Safety and Workers' Compensation hasn’t met the statutory requirement for meetings. Now, its commissioners are considering moving in new directions. What changes are in the works and why?

DIR Avoids Budget Hit In Governor’s May Revise

The May Revise gives Department of Industrial Relations' additional budget for next year. What is in the recent budget change proposal?

State Fund Sees Premium Dip

What do the first quarter numbers tell us about the state of the State Fund? What is driving the results?

WCIRB Makes Rate Hike Request Official

California Insurance Department actuaries are reviewing competing recommendations for workers' comp pure premium advisory rates to become effective September 1, 2024. What's driving the difference? And will workers' comp rates go up or go down?

Construction Industry Bills Advance

Small contractors may catch a break. Changes are in the works for the sole proprietor exemption for workers' comp coverage, but much work remains. Get the details here.

Search For Cell Service & Commercial Traveler Rule

What is the commercial traveler rule, and when does it cover trips of a personal nature? The Third District Court of Appeal delves into the issue in a recent decision.

3 Claims Managers Win $80 Million

A workplace disciplinary action has severe consequences for Zurich Insurance. How does the $80 million award break down, and how did the carrier respond?

WCIRB Regulatory Filing

What did the industry say about the Rating Bureau’s proposed regulatory changes to the dual wage thresholds? What else in the filing is now under review by the California Department of Insurance?