Fraud Assessment Increase

Why are prosecutors warning of a coming tsunami of workers' comp fraud? How do the plan to use anti-fraud funding to stem the tide?

Workers’ Comp Bills Await Governor’s Action

The Legislature’s work for the year is done and now it is up to Gov. Gavin Newsom. What are the bills of interest to the workers' comp community on his desk?

Copy Service Fee Schedule Still in Play

Parties say there are good and bad proposals in the Division of Workers' Compensation’s planned update to the copy service fee schedule. What are the sticking points and how can they be fixed?

Employer’s Classification Challenge Under Review

When is a clerical worker – who is physically separated from other expensive classifications - not covered by 8810? An employer is challenging an assignment decision, but with very unusual circumstances. See how you think the case should be decided. Premium subscribers can click here…

Pandemic-Related Claims Down in 2021

What’s the latest workers' comp claims data tell us about the pandemic and its impact on the sys-tem? Where are the costs and how do actuaries see them changing in the near future?