Will 10,000 Employers Be Added To Experience Rating?

Workers’ Comp Executive breaks the news that the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau is consider-ing a dramatic expansion of experience rating. What are its plans? Premium subscribers can the details here.

District Attorneys Jockey For Anti-Fraud Funds

California employers are about to give the states District Attorneys $46 million to fight workers' comp fraud. Are the DAs being held accountable? Get the story by clicking here.

Unfiled Side Agreements Found Illegal And Void

Updated filing regulations for side agreements to large deductible policies survived their first legal challenge. What did a state administrative law judge have to say about the case? Click here for the story.

Workers’ Comp Bills Clear House Of Origin Before Deadline

The California Legislature passed another key deadline in the legislative process last week. What are the workers' comp bills that cleared it? Get the details here.

State Fund Remains California’s Largest Workers’ Comp Carrier

The 2020 California market share totals are in and there is a new, first time entrant to the Top 10. What carrier moved up and who did they pass by? What carriers are gainer and losers. Get the story here.