WCAB En Banc: Med-Legal Lien Claimants Have Burden

The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board’s latest en banc decision clarifies the rules for med-legal liens, but also warns defendants not to abuse the decision. What’s at the heart of the issue and how will it play out? Get the story here.

State’s Injury and Illness Rate Holding Steady, DIR Reports

By: Kevin Thompson
The California statistics show that nine employment sectors had decreased incidents, nine had increases and there were two with identical numbers.

Temp Workers’ Status At The Heart Of A Premium Dispute

It is a case that could influence the kind of advice brokers provide clients. A warehouse company is disputing a $150,000 bill for additional premium. It says it is being asked to pay twice for the same workers. What’s happening here? To find out click right here.

Aon & Alliant Fight Over Brokers

Two major brokerages are headed back to court in two different states. Who’s involved and what’s the basis of the dispute? Click here for the details

Joint Liability In Wage Theft Case - Grocers

Why are two grocery chains being held liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid wages for workers from another company? How does California joint liability law work? Get the details by clicking here.