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False Financial Filings…

BBSI Fined for Accounting Fraud

BBSI aka Barrett Business Services Inc. has been fined by the SEC in a false financial filings investigation. What did they do? How much is it paying? Who else is involved? Get the story here.


BBSI’s – Barrett Business Services’ –former CFO has been indicted over the company’s reporting of its workers’ comp costs. How big a debacle is this for the company? Get the story here.

BBSI Pays Shareholders in Class Action

By: Brad Cain

PEO Barrett Business Services = BBSI – is paying shareholders $12M to settle a class action lawsuit. Get the story here.

BBSI Files 2Q Report On Time

By: Brad CAin
Barrett Business Services filed its second quarter 2016 financial report in a timely fashion after several prior quarters were delayed. What did the company have to say about its financial performance? Get the story here.
Workers’ Comp Executive Exclusive

BBSI Under Criminal Investigation by Justice Department

By: Brad Cain
The investigations into Barrett Business Services continue to mount even as the company comes into compliance on its reporting obligations. What is the latest on the company's ongoing issues with financial reports? Get the details here.

BBSI Facing Delisting

By: Brad Cain

Troubled PEO BBSI – Barrett Business Services has been notified by NASDAQ that its stock could be delisted. It’s filed financial statements have been decertified, and it has missed deadlines to refile. Get the story here.

BBSI Audit Finds Troubling Problems

After firing its CFO Barrett Business Services launched an investigation by outside auditors and now the results are in. What dirt did they dig up and will it change the company's results? Get the details here.

BBSI In Even More Trouble

By: Brad Cain
BBSI's problems continue to mount – may be involve criminality - and have now claimed a key executive. It’s getting darker for the Washington based PEO which is virtually unregulated in California.

BBSI's Financials in Question

By: Brad Cain

BBSI finds itself again in a controversy concerning its finances. This time, its auditors forced the company to issue a statement indicating the potential of an illegal act concerning reserves. How bad is it? Click here to find out…

BBSI Reporting Growth, Progress On Workers’ Comp Claims

By: Brad Cain
Barrett Business Solutions announced a major workers' comp reserve charge last fall amid a funding crisis, but has been working to address the underlying issues. What's the latest on its efforts to rein in its workers' comp expenses?

Court Upholds Banning PEOs, Temp Firms, and Staffing Companies From Self-Insurance

By: Brad Cain
A self-insured employer challenged the constitutionality of an SB 863 reform provision governing who can and cannot be self-insured for workers' comp. What's the impact of the court's decision?

OSIP Audits Find Nearly $600M In Unreported Liabilities

By: Brad Cain
The state's watchdog for self-insured employers says a new look at some old accounts is turning up some troubling facts. What problems are being uncovered and how many millions in liabilities were missing?

California Revokes Self-Insurance Certs For BBSI & KimCo

By: Brad Cain
The Office of Self Insurance Plans revoked the certificates for two major PEOs at the beginning of the year. And a fight broke out …

Flash: Details Of BBSI Lending Deal Emerge

By: Brad Cain

Barrett Business Services completed a new financing agreement with its principle bank, but what did the company have to give up to get the deal? Click here for the details.

BBSI Reaches Lending Agreement

By: Brad Cain

Barrett Business Services says it reached a deal to fund its $80 million workers’ comp reserve charge. How much is it borrowing and at what costs to fill the hole in its reserves?

BBSI's Marketing Materials: Truth or Fiction

By: Brad Cain

BBSI has put oout a lot of marketing materials concerning its troubles. Worekrs’ Comp Executive examines some of its statements and finds some to be true, and some to be not so true. Click here to read the whole story …

BBSI Borrowing Restricted – May Be Unable To Fund Reserves

By: Brad Cain

Barrett Business Services’ late-filed 10Q financial report for the third-quarter reveals that it’s ability to borrow and perhaps to cover its underfunded reserves is a question. New details about its announced workers’ comp reserve charge and the impact it is and could yet have on its operations.

10 Self Insured Employers In Trouble

By: Brad Cain

The Office of Self Insurance Plans says a broad industry review not only identified 10 troubled self-insureds, but also found other distinct differences in industry practices. What’s up next for the troubled companies? Click here for the full story.

BBSI Admits 62% Under Reserving Thru 2012

By: Brad Cain

BBSI, the PEO, has taken a major hit to its reserves. Should there be an insolvency employers doing business prior to the ACE fronting arrangement could be on the hook. Read the details here…