8871- Telecommuting

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New Telecommuter Class Rate Set

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau is completing its work on creating a rate for the new telecommuter class that slated to begin next year. How will California compare to other states? Get the full story by clicking here.

Proposed Telecommuter Class, Updated Thresholds Now Under Review

Proposed updates to the rules and regulations for experience rating, classifying operations and reporting payroll are now under consideration by Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara. What was in the final package and how was it received? Click for the story.

Hearing May Create Telecommuting Class

The rating bureau made its regulatory filing official to create a new class for employees who work remotely. How can you help get this new low-rate class created? Get the details here

WCIRB Disappoints on Telecommuter Rate

California moves to create a workers’ comp class for telecommuters, but the state’s employers are likely to miss out on savings that others enjoy. How did the Rating Bureau bury a request by employers to share in the savings? Get the details here.

Dale Debber Offers Solutions in this Commentary…

8871 The Bureau Must Think Differently

By: J Dale Debber

For just this once, the WCIRB needs to think and act differently from its norm. This is about a new class code. It would require an act of … well … courage. Here’s a pretty enlightening editorial by Dale Debber replete with a proposed solution.

Where’s California’s Telecommuting Class For Workers’ Comp?

Employers are expected to get some financial relief on their workers' comp premiums by shifting some workers to the 8810 clerical classification. Should California employers actually be saving more by having employees work from home? Get the details by clicking here.