Ricardo Lara Investigations

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Is CDI Covering-Up an Applied Underwriters’ Influence Campaign?

Is the California Department of Insurance shielding potentially embarrassing documents related to the Applied Underwriters campaign to pressure the department to approve a deal? New allegations are making their way to court. Get the details here.

CDI Judge Rejects Lara Pressure in Applied Underwriters’ Case

A fight breaks out between the California Insurance Department Judges and the Lara Administration. CDI officials are ramping up pressure on its independent administrative law judges hearing an Applied Underwriters’ cases. The judges aren’t caving. Read about it here.

Ricardo Lara: Was it Money Laundering & Bribery?

By: Brad Cain & Dale Debber

Calls are emerging for a criminal investigation of California’s insurance commissioner and the insurance industry executives linked to political contributions. The scandal is also expanding to other politicians. Get the latest by clicking here.

Deeper Industry Ties Emerge For Lara

By: Brad Cain & Dale Debber

New facts shire a bright light on embattled California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara’s troubles. As more details emerge the question arises about how long he will be able to continue in office. Click here for the newest revelations…

Lara Behested Money to Charity He Ran

By: Dale Debber and Bess Shapiro

In what is becoming a pattern of continuing crookery there is yet another story in the Ricardo Lara chronicles of corruption. He directed Funds to a Charity when he was CEO. Click here for the details …

Another ALJ Rejects Lara’s Interference

By: J Dale Debber

Ricardo Lara Spanked by Administrative Law Judges in another Applied Underwriters’ case. Get the dope (and some enlightenment)

The Commissioner is an Executive in A Judicial Capacity

By: J Dale Debber
The actions of Commissioner Lara may untimely cost him his job. Herein are some proposed preventive actions policymakers can take.

Lara Sued Over Applied Underwriters Case Reversals

By: Dale Debber and Brad Cain

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara’s troubles from the Applied Underwriters’ mess are growing. A important new legal front is opening up. Get the latest by clicking here.

ALJ Rejects Lara’s Order In Applied Underwriters’ Decision

By: Dale Debber and Brad Cain

A California Department of Insurance administrative law judge just said no to embattled Commissioner Ricardo Lara. It is in another Applied Underwriters case. And the decision by the ALJ may be very telling concerning recent moves by the Commissioner. Get the story here.

Ricardo Lara timeline of corruption

Ricardo Lara Timeline of Corruption Read More on this: ALJ Rejects Lara’s Order In Applied Underwriters’ Decision Lara Took Money Before Favorable Actions in Applied Cases Lara Continues To Intervene … Read More »

Lara Continues To Intervene In Applied Underwriters’ Cases

By: Dale Debber and Brad Cain

Troubling revelations continue to emerge from the Lara campaign contribution scandal involving contributions from individuals linked to Applied Underwriters. It also mdeans more trouble for former EquityComp participants. Get the story here.

Lara Took Money Before Favorable Actions in Applied Cases

By: Dale Debber

Everyone knows that California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara took money into his 2020 campaign from individuals related to Applied Underwriters. The evidence in the timeline of events strongly suggests that he took official actions after receiving Applied Underwriters’ money. Click here for the details…