What is Point of Order:

The Publius discusses California’s multibillion-dollar workers’ compensation system. These essays represent a collaborative effort by those intimately familiar with our workers’ compensation system in all its various aspects. They will appear periodically as events warrant, but for the time being in each print edition. These essays are intended to stimulate thought and debate in a way that well-crafted sound bites before legislative committees, regulatory hearings, or journalists under deadline cannot do.

The Workers’ Comp Executive is proud to host this effort.

Point of Order Articles:


CVII: Then There Were Two

Publius takes on the Brown Administration for appointing a non lawyer to a legal panel.

CVI: Sometime Before the End of the Month

By: Publius

Publius takes on the legislation about waivers in workers comp.


Reclaiming The Golden State: Improving California’s Business Climate

By: Courtney Judd

WCE Intern Courtney Judd takes a look at California’s business environment in this editorial.

CXIV: SCIF: Enterprise, Government, or Unfair Competitor?

By: Publius the Producer

Publius, the Producer weighs in with some heavy words about State Funds act. Are they unfair, practicing crony capitalism or just the government at work? Is there unfair competition? And will they become relevant in the marketplace again? Click here to see what one anonymous producers lays out.

CXIII: ON FIGs: ‘Fine Insurance Guys’

By: Publius

Our insurance carriers are dead from suicide and it hasn’t occurred to them yet. Producers and consumers are next.

CXII From The Inside

By: Publius

An expert dissects the latest self-insured group regulations. Will the regulations prevent California going the way of New York trusts? Click here to find out.

CXI Legacy

By: Publius

Publius returns with characteristic frankness. This clear content will set the record straight about who really counts in SacTown. And why workers’ comp premiums will rise.

CX. A Dustup to the East

By: Publius

Publius takes on the issues in California by demonstrating what’s happening in neighboring states. This clear content is insightful and has a few lessons for us all. Just click here.

CVIV. Check, Please

By: Publius

Is California’s workers’ comp pricing structure adequate? Publius breaks it down and brings you the answer

CVIII Rearranging the Boxes

By: Publius

In familiar fashion, the prescient Publius offers ideas and solutions for analyzing California’s workers’ comp system. This clear content is offered free to all. Just click here.

CVII Not a Creature Was Stirring

By: Publius

In his own entertaining fashion, Publius lays it out, but it doesn’t seem to just lie there. This clear content editorial is worth the read. Just click here …

CVI The Fall of Saigon – This Time in Oakland

By: Publius

A deal was made that cost employers a lot of money, and for once it happened quickly and without hearings. Find out in this editorial expose who did what for whom. Just click here.

CV That Time of Year

By: Publius

Publius sends up the quadrennial rebirth of the not-so-rare California Regulator. It’s an interesting perspective and one well worth the read. Clear content, so click here to read it.

CIV Lien on Me

By: Publius

Publius has solved the lien problem and this is clear content that everyone should read. Just click here…

CIII Change We Can Believe In

By: Publius

Publius makes a case for removing CHSWC from the Department of Industrial Relations. It is a matter of having a conflict-free and proper policy progenitor. This content is clear and is sure to begin a discussion. Just click here.

CII Cash for Clunkers

By: Publius

The Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation has served up another heaping helping of data to detail the failings of the workers' comp system. Are more research reports the answer to all our troubles? Probably not and Publius offers up a more simple solution.

CI. Another Round in the Messenger, Please

By: Publius

All of those initials we read so much about stand for different aspects of workers’ comp regulators and regulation. Each seems to have a different viewpoint or vantage point or perspective or plan or whatever. It’s more than you think and you can read Publius’ perspective on the situation right here. It’s clear content and every thinking member of the community ought to be reading this one…

C. Rome Is Burning

By: Publius

Publius lays out -- perhaps filets is a better word -- political machinations in the workers’ comp system and how they affect employers and costs. The elected play the violin while the system burns. This is clear content and a must-read. Just ….

XCIX The Devil We Know

By: Publius

The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board revised its opinion in Almaraz/Guzman and reaffirmed Ogilvie. Was it enough to change the opinion of Publius? Click here to find out.

XCVIII The Phony War

By: Publius

Publius takes on the unintended consequences of the Almaraz, Guzman and Ogilvie decisions. The unintended consequences are huge and were just figured out. Reading this will help to explain higher costs and higher reserves. Just click here 

XCVII Know Thy Enemy

By: Publius

Are SCIF’s enemies those who work under the Capitol dome in Sacramento or those who work on Market Street? It’s clear and you can read it right here.

XCVI I Am the Law

By: Publius

Publius suggest that DWC lawyers pay more attention to the law, and less to something else. In this subtle but insightful editorial, Publius lays it on the line. There is something here for all sides. Click Publius to get the whole idea. 


By: Publius

Selling part of State Fund was mentioned in the governor’s May budget revision. It was a surprise to SCIF management.

XCIII Publius: A Good Day for an Inquisition

By: Publius

Publius has gone all out in defense of the industry, with downright clarity, and he has been quite pointed in his comments about the insurance commissioner’s role in upcoming rate hearings. This clear content must be read to be believed—and believe you will! Just click here.

XCI Bad News Travels Faster

By: Publius

If the truth were to out, Publius would out it. And truth is not something that either the governor or the insurance commissioner will like. Click here to read Publius’ clear, logical position on the pure premium rate recommendation.