MEWA Investigations

Here you will find a complete listing of our coverage of this on going investigation in descending date order.


MEWA’s Former Attorney Objected To Representations

Did federal prosecutors uncover a smoking gun in their workers' comp fraud case against two M.E.W.A. officials? Get the details here.

Finally the MEWA Fraud Case Goes to Court

What will be the focus of the federal government's case against the operators of an illegal workers' comp scheme? When will the case(s) go to trial?

Attorney General & Department of Insurance Failing to Collect MEWA Fine

Workers' Comp Executive found a new document. It sheds light on the state's failed efforts to collect a $4.3 mil-lion penalty in the case of an illegal MEWA. Furthermore, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement officials are failing to enforce employers without proper insurance. What are the latest developments?

MEWA Head Facing Tax, Disability Fraud Charges

The indicted head of an illegal workers' comp scheme is facing new federal charges. How much was allegedly siphoned out of the original scheme for personal gain? Get the details here.
Investigating for Other Charges…

MEWA Trial Delayed

Is another shoe about to drop on the defendants in MEWA workers' comp fraud case? New court filings have an interesting reveal. Get the details here.

Trial Date Finally Set In MEWA Case

Federal officials are moving ahead with the criminal prosecution of the operators of an illegal program that claimed to be an alternative to workers' comp coverage. What are the final charges and when is the trial?
Is the End is sight?...

Feds MEWA Investigation Continues

Are more federal charges on the way for the operators of an illegal workers' comp program? Will it even matter? Get the latest by clicking here.

MEWA Claims Poverty to Avoid $4.3M Penalty

The California Department of Insurance’s on-going inability to shut down an illegal workers' comp program was on full display again last week. Now it may be losing the financial penalty battle as well. Get the latest by clicking here.

New Charges Against Illegal MEWA Operator

The operators of an illegal workers' comp program that’s been ordered shut down three separate times are now facing new federal fraud charges. What else were they allegedly up to besides selling bogus workers' comp coverage? Get the details by clicking here.

Lawsuit Over MEWA’s Fake Coverage

An employer says it was duped by those operating American Labor Alliance and its illegal workers' comp pro-gram. Now it’s day in court is at hand – what is it seeking? Get the story here.

Brokers Placing Clients In Unlicensed Programs Can Lose Licenses

Illegal and unlicensed workers' comp programs come and go, but what kind of trouble can a broker get in if they place a client in one of these schemes? We got the official word from the California Department of Insurance. Click here for the story.

Court Orders Cease & Desist Against Illegal MEWA

It’s shutdown time for the MEWA. Both Employers and Brokers are exposed. Get the details here.

More Federal Charges Coming In MEWA Prosecution

The operators of a bogus workers' comp program will soon be facing new federal charges, sources say. Click for the latest details in the growing case against American Labor Alliance and its principal operators. The full story is right here.

State Defends Department’s $4.3M Fine Of MEWA

Attorneys for the state of California made their case for a multi-million penalty against an illegal workers' comp program. When will we know if the courts agree? Click here for the details.

MEWA Seeks To Void CDI’s $4.3M Penalty

The union selling a purported workers' comp benefit has a novel argument as to why it shouldn’t have to pay a $4.3 million fine. Why might the next penalty be much higher? Get the details here.

MEWA Still Operating Despite CDI Efforts

State officials attempts to shut down what they say is a long running scam on employers is having little success. They get another chance next month. Will the results be any different? Get the latest by clicking here.

Federal MEWA Case Edges Closer to Trial

The federal case against the backers of a claimed alternative to traditional workers' comp coverage is getting closer to actually going to trial. What’s the latest in the case of Marcus Asay and CompOneUSA? Get the story here.

Another Cease and Desist Order In MEWA Case

The California Department of Insurance issued yet another cease and desist order in the on-going MEWA saga. Is anyone listening? Get the story here.

Feds Are Seeking MEWA Victims

The feds want your help with American Labor Alliance. What can you do? Who should you contact? Get the details here.

Employers Warned about MEWA by Labor Commissioner

The Department of Industrial Relations’ top labor law enforcer is shining a spotlight on an illegal workers’ comp program. A MEWA that purports to be an alternative to actual insurance isn’t. Employers are facing potential stop orders and fines. Get the details here.

MEWA Officials Indicted by Feds

Principals of the MEWA have been indicted, and sales have been stopped. It took years, some cases by the California Department, and finally a federal indictment. Click here for the story.

Is California’s Government Permitting Lawlessness…

MEWA Still Operating Amid Smoke and Mirrors

What’s the latest in the state’s efforts to fine and close down what is says is an illegal operation selling bogus workers' comp “coverage”? Get the details here.
Employers and Injured Workers At Serious Risk…

CDI & DIR Ineffective in the Face of Unlicensed MEWA

A workers' comp program deemed illegal is still operating, but the financial consequences are mounting. What is the proposed penalty up to now and why might it be irrelevant in the end? Get the story here.

MEWA Officials Two-Step At Appeal Hearing

Officials behind a purported alternative to workers' comp coverage were back on the witness stand before the California Department of Insurance. What were the issues this time and how did their answers hide the complete picture? Get the details here.

Major Fines In Illegal MEWA Case

By: Brad Cain

Penalties are levied by California Department of Insurance against American Labor Alliance, an illegal multi-employer welfare arrangement (MEWA). But the same thing is being sold under a new name. Get the details hears.

MEWA Failed To Meet Fed Regulations

By: Brad Cain
The California Department of Insurance issued a carefully prepared decision that takes apart American Labor Alliances exemption claims piece by piece. How many ways does the Department say the organization failed to meet any legal standard for selling workers' comp coverage in California? Get the details here.

DIR Won’t Accept MEWA’s Certs

By: Brad Cain

Are Shut Down, Stop Work Orders & Fines about to be levied on hundreds of California employers? The Department of Industrial Relations issues an important warning about American Labor Alliance and CompOne USA workers’ comp policies. What are the potential pitfalls? Get the details here.

MEWA’s Operations Found Illegal

By: Brad Cain

The MEWA is illegal says the California Department of Insurance. It’s a company selling a purported alternative to workers’ comp coverage … What does this mean to the hundreds of employers operating with its workers’ comp certificates? Click here for the story.

Exclusive Reporting…

FBI Seizes Personnel Documents, Computer Records

By: Brad Cain
New details are emerging on the federal investigation into American Labor Alliance and its CompOneUSA program. What’s the latest in its fight with state and federal officials to stay in business? Get the story here.
Widening Investigation

Grand Jury Convened – FBI Raid on MEWA

By: Brad Cain

More major problems for the MEWA that has no reserves and click right here right now to read more about our investigation

MEWA, Labor Orgainization, Whatever…

American Labor Alliance Tilting at Windmills

By: Brad Cain
The former union marketing a self-proclaimed alternative to traditional workers' comp coverage is continuing to question the authenticity of a letter from the Department of Labor that stripped it of its union designation. What do the feds have to say on the matter? Click here for the story.
Hundreds of Employers Without Statutory Coverage ….

American Labor Alliance Loses Again

The California Department of Insurance just received an assist from the federal Department of Labor in its bid to shut down a workers' comp program that claims to be exempt from state regulation. What did DOL do and how will it affect hundreds of California employers? Get the story here.
Outside Any Normative Insurance Practices …

Frightening Financial & Reserving Details Emerge

By: Brad Cain
Is this program hair raising or legal? Will paying claims out of cash flow with no rese res be okay with the CDI? American Labor Alliance and its unlicensed CompOneUSA workers' comp program faced the California Department of Insurance. What did organization officials tell Workers’ Comp Executive and what did they disclose under oath? Workers’ Comp Executive was there and here the exclusive and amazing details. Get the story here.

MEWA Cease & Desist Case Opens

By: Brad Cain

American Labor Alliance / CompOne is offering “benefits” not valid workers’ comp coverage. Are the 400 or so California employers are paying money actually uninsured? No. They are outside the sole and exclusive remedy. Get exclusive coverage from the hearing room by clicking here.

CDI Ceases MEWA Workers’ Comp Program

By: Brad Cain

Hundreds of California employers who bought coverage from a Fresno-area firm could actually be operating without valid workers’ comp insurance. The California Department of Insurance just shut them down and here’s why.