Flash: Deep Cut In 2020 Pure Premium Rates

The 2020 pure premium rate decision is in and it is good news for California employers. What’s the final rate and why did the California Department of Insurance go deeper than the industry wanted? Get the details here.


The CDI Conservation and Liquidation office is permitting Applied Underwriters’’ California insurance Company to continue to write new and renewal business. Find out about it here….

Flash: 📍New Mexico Balks at CIC Conservation Order

The purported sale/merger/redomestication of California Insurance Company is becoming surreal. Did CDI seize the carrier? Does the carrier even exist? Get the latest by clicking here.

Flash: 🚨Seized California Insurance Company (AppliedUnderwriters')

Applied Underwriters’ California Insurance Company is now operating under a court-ordered conservatorship according to the California Department of Insurance. Click here for the latest in this developing story.

Flash: CDI: Applied Merger Needed Prior Approval

Like all things Applied, clarity is at best opaque and perhaps obscure. And the present situation is no different. Was there a sale or not? Was there a merger or not? As the 1940s radio program The Shadow’s tagline used to say: “Who knows what evil lurks within the hearts of men?” Get what we know so far here ….
The Saga Applied Underwriters’ – Veracity or Verbosity…

Flash: Applied CIC – Admitted or Not? Are In-force Polices In-Force?

Is Applied’s CIC Admitted in California or not? It’s has stopped quoting new and renewal business. Are existing in-force policies in force or not? These and other questions are answered in this edition of the Saga Applied Underwriters’ – Veracity or Verbosity – Click here for an amazing read …

Flash: CDI Rejects Applied Sale; Blocks Escape To New Mexico

More Applied Underwriters Confusion. The California Department says it may have lost its certificate of authority its polices may not be legal. What a mess. Read it here.

Flash: Holy Moly! CDI Didn’t Approve Applied Sale

Did Applied Underwriters and Berkshire Hathaway defy California regulators in moving forward with the change in ownership? We’ve got the official statement from the Department in this developing story. Get the details here.

Flash: Yawn: Berkshire Finally Unloads Troubled Applied Underwriters’

The delayed sale of Applied Underwriters is finally complete. What conditions did the regulators impose? Get the details here.

Flash: CDI Judge Rejects Lara Pressure in Applied Underwriters’ Case

A fight breaks out between the California Insurance Department Judges and the Lara Administration. CDI officials are ramping up pressure on its independent administrative law judges hearing an Applied Underwriters’ cases. The judges aren’t caving. Read about it here.