Flash: Holy Moly! CDI Didn’t Approve Applied Sale

Did Applied Underwriters and Berkshire Hathaway defy California regulators in moving forward with the change in ownership? We’ve got the official statement from the Department in this developing story. Get the details here.

Flash: Yawn: Berkshire Finally Unloads Troubled Applied Underwriters’

The delayed sale of Applied Underwriters is finally complete. What conditions did the regulators impose? Get the details here.

Flash: CDI Judge Rejects Lara Pressure in Applied Underwriters’ Case

A fight breaks out between the California Insurance Department Judges and the Lara Administration. CDI officials are ramping up pressure on its independent administrative law judges hearing an Applied Underwriters’ cases. The judges aren’t caving. Read about it here.

Flash: Applied Underwriters- Is the Sale In Trouble?

Applied Underwriters missed a key deadline in its plan to break off from Berkshire Hathaway and millions of dollars are now at risk. What’s the latest in the controversial deal?

Flash: Lichtenegger Demands CDI Hold Funds From Applied Carriers

The pending sale of Applied Underwriters has former insureds and current litigants concerned. What protections are they seeking from the California Department of Insurance? Get the details here.

Flash: Ricardo Lara: Was it Money Laundering & Bribery?

By: Brad Cain & Dale Debber
Calls are emerging for a criminal investigation of California’s insurance commissioner and the insurance industry executives linked to political contributions. The scandal is also expanding to other politicians. Get the latest by clicking here.

Flash: Governor Signs Flawed AB 5 Legislation Into Law

California’s labor marketplace is changing and experts predict a litigious future for the state’s employers. Who will be the initial targets? Get the story here.

Flash: Deeper Industry Ties Emerge For Lara

By: Brad Cain & Dale Debber
New facts shire a bright light on embattled California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara’s troubles. As more details emerge the question arises about how long he will be able to continue in office. Click here for the newest revelations…

Flash: BaronHR Owner Indicted for Tax Evasion

A major PEO and staffing company head is facing new federal charges for failing to remit payroll taxes to the IRS. Who is in the hot seat and how much is allegedly owed? Get the story here.

Flash: Compline to provide 2020 X-Mods Daily – Plus Lower Rating Thresholds, Classification Changes & More

What are the changes that could be affecting your workers' comp policy next year? Oh yea, and Compline has the 2020 X-Mods. Get the story here.