Flash: 🚨 Read it Yourself – What Does CDI Say About Applied Underwriters’/ CIC

After some consideration in our newsroom we made the decision to provide CDI’s summary – the points and authorities – directly to you– without filters or interpretation – so you can decide what to make of it. Get the details by clicking here.


The California Department of Insurance filed a plan for taking out Applied Underwriters’ California Insurance Company. It is devastating to management and may have implications for affiliates. Get the first of many of the details by clicking here.

Flash: Pressure Builds to Eliminate COVID-19 Surcharge From 2021 Rates

The industry presented its case for a 2021 rate increase, but Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara also heard why a decrease should also be considered. How big of a rate cut is possible? Get the details here.

Flash: $18M In Workers’ Comp Liens Dismissed

As the result of the Baker workers’ comp reforms the Division of Workers’ Compensation dismissed liens from nearly 1,000 workers’ comp cases. They are linked to a provider who was convicted of fraud and suspended from the system. Who was the provider and which cases were involved? Get the details here.

Flash: COVID Presumption Signed – Effective Immediately

Most of California’s workplaces are now covered by a new workplace presumption for COVID-19 cases. Who is covered and what are employers responsibilities? Get the details here.

Flash: WCIRB Approves Amending COVID-19 Surcharge

The California rating bureau is moving to amend the 2021 pure premium rate filing to change how it proposes allocating COVID-19 costs after rejecting a proposal to ease the impact on employers. What was proposed, why was it rejected and how will the amending filing affect rates? Get the details here.

Flash: COVID-19 Premium Surcharge Changes

A key committee at the rating bureau is recommending changes to the January 2021 rate filing surcharges related to COVID-19 claims. Cost allocations are shifting. Who will be bearing the brunt of the changes if they are approved? Get the details here.

Flash: Lots More AB 5 Exceptions

Lots vendors, freelancers, industries, and occupations are on the verge of being exempted from AB 5’s three-part test for independent contractors. What’s in the final version of the bill, who’s exempted, and when might it take effect? Get the details here.

Flash: Coronavirus Presumption Becomes Urgency Measure

California’s legislature is sending a COVID-19 presumption bill to Governor Newsom. Where and how will it be triggered? What kinds of employers ae involved? Get the full details here.

Flash: ⚡️ 2021 X-Mods Are Coming

2021 X-Mods will be issued beginning Thursday. Compline has same day servie and there is one new classification and three got replaced.  Get the details here.


Flash: Coronavirus Presumption Bills In Motion

Negotiations continue regarding a COVID-19 presumption.  New language was added to all three bills. There s one stall as a Senator tested positive for the coronavirus. But what do the amendments tell us about the on-going tug-of-war between labor and employers? Get the details by clicking here.

Flash: Bureau: 2021 Workers’ Comp Rate Increase

It’s ugly. The California workers’ comp bureau approved its plans for a 2021 workers’ comp rate filing and the outcome is significantly different from what the employer and labor representatives recommended. Some say unfair. What will be the final impact on rates? Get the details here.

Flash: Pandemic Impacts 2021 Workers’ Comp Rates

Bureau actuaries are completing their review of the likely cost implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on California workers’ comp rates. What’s the likely damage for California employers and who will pay the most? Here are the details here.

Flash: Applied Underwriters’ / CIC Back to Negotiating

After months of delays and general inaction, developments are happening fast in the case of the conservation of Applied Underwriters’ affiliate California Insurance Company. What’s driving the sudden movement towards a resolution? Get the details by clicking here.

Flash: Masks Now Required Everywhere in California

New guidelines outline when face coverings are now required in California and when Californians can go without. Click here for the guidance.

Flash: WCIRB Disappoints on Telecommuter Rate

California moves to create a workers’ comp class for telecommuters, but the state’s employers are likely to miss out on savings that others enjoy. How did the Rating Bureau bury a request by employers to share in the savings? Get the details here.

Dale Debber Offers Solutions in this Commentary…

Flash: 8871 The Bureau Must Think Differently

By: J Dale Debber

For just this once, the WCIRB needs to think and act differently from its norm. This is about a new class code. It would require an act of … well … courage. Here’s a pretty enlightening editorial by Dale Debber replete with a proposed solution.

Flash: Presumption Estimates Slashed for Workers’ Comp

New estimates are coming in as to what the COVID-19 pandemic might cost the California workers’ comp system? Get the details here.

Flash: Newsom Approves Limited Term COVID-19 Presumption

Gov. Gavin Newsom is approving a workers’ comp presumption for COVID-19. What’s in the order and who is covered at what cost? Get the details here.

Flash: State Fund Gives Policyholders $50M In COVID-19 Relief

State Fund policyholders and their workers are getting financial aid to help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Who is eligible for the $50 million the carrier is setting aside and how can you apply? Get the details here.

Flash: Premium Relief For COVID-19 Impacted Employers

Business’ crippled by the shelter-in-place orders to combat the COVID-19 pandemic could soon see some financial relief on their workers’ comp insurance and other lines of coverage. What is being ordered and when will the help arrive? Get the details here.

Flash: Flash: Mid-Year Rate Filing

Will there be a California workers’ comp rate increase? What do industry actuaries have to say about the situation? Get the details here.

Flash: WCAB Limits Court Appearances & Filings

The Division of Workers’ Compensation is making changes to operations at the district office limiting exposure to COVID-19 coronavirus. Find out What, How and When by clicking right here.

Flash: New DIR Director & Counsel

Over a year into his office and nearly two years after a vacancy the Governor appoints a new head of Division of Industrial Relations. They get a new General Counsel as well.

Flash: Dems Kill AB 5 Repeal Bill

Some 1 million freelancers had their hopes to kill AB5 crushed. Assembly Republicans attempted to repeal the AB 5 legislation, but the Democrrat majority killed the effort quickly. Hundreds of thousands of contracting relationships between freelancers and businesses have been injured by the Democrat bill. Get more details and see how your Member voted. Click right here right now …

Flash: Pot Use Unacceptable for Both ‘Safety Sensitive’ and Office Workers

Surprisingly, California law provides employers with a wide leeway when it comes to marijuana. It’s not only about physical safety. Get the story here

Flash: AB 5 Amendments Coming, Author Tweets

Indications are that a few changes are in the works for the controversial AB 5 legislation that’s been disrupting business across the state. Which industries are at the front of the line? Get the details by clicking here.

Flash: Applied Underwriters, CIC Motions Disclose Details

There are new developments in the continuing saga of one of California’s largest and most controversial insurance carriers which has been operating under state control for nearly three months. Yep – It’s Applied Underwriters’ California Insurance Company. Get the details here.

Flash: Here’s the 2020 Workers’ Comp Assessment Rates

The 2020 workers’ comp assessments are out. California employers will be paying more to fund the workers’ comp system. How much more? Get the details here.

Flash: Deep Cut In 2020 Pure Premium Rates

The 2020 pure premium rate decision is in and it is good news for California employers. What’s the final rate and why did the California Department of Insurance go deeper than the industry wanted? Get the details here.


The CDI Conservation and Liquidation office is permitting Applied Underwriters’’ California insurance Company to continue to write new and renewal business. Find out about it here….

Flash: 📍New Mexico Balks at CIC Conservation Order

The purported sale/merger/redomestication of California Insurance Company is becoming surreal. Did CDI seize the carrier? Does the carrier even exist? Get the latest by clicking here.

Flash: 🚨Seized California Insurance Company (AppliedUnderwriters')

Applied Underwriters’ California Insurance Company is now operating under a court-ordered conservatorship according to the California Department of Insurance. Click here for the latest in this developing story.

Flash: CDI: Applied Merger Needed Prior Approval

Like all things Applied, clarity is at best opaque and perhaps obscure. And the present situation is no different. Was there a sale or not? Was there a merger or not? As the 1940s radio program The Shadow’s tagline used to say: “Who knows what evil lurks within the hearts of men?” Get what we know so far here ….

The Saga Applied Underwriters’ – Veracity or Verbosity…

Flash: Applied CIC – Admitted or Not? Are In-force Polices In-Force?

Is Applied’s CIC Admitted in California or not? It’s has stopped quoting new and renewal business. Are existing in-force policies in force or not? These and other questions are answered in this edition of the Saga Applied Underwriters’ – Veracity or Verbosity – Click here for an amazing read …

Flash: CDI Rejects Applied Sale; Blocks Escape To New Mexico

More Applied Underwriters Confusion. The California Department says it may have lost its certificate of authority its polices may not be legal. What a mess. Read it here.

Flash: Holy Moly! CDI Didn’t Approve Applied Sale

Did Applied Underwriters and Berkshire Hathaway defy California regulators in moving forward with the change in ownership? We’ve got the official statement from the Department in this developing story. Get the details here.

Flash: Yawn: Berkshire Finally Unloads Troubled Applied Underwriters’

The delayed sale of Applied Underwriters is finally complete. What conditions did the regulators impose? Get the details here.

Flash: CDI Judge Rejects Lara Pressure in Applied Underwriters’ Case

A fight breaks out between the California Insurance Department Judges and the Lara Administration. CDI officials are ramping up pressure on its independent administrative law judges hearing an Applied Underwriters’ cases. The judges aren’t caving. Read about it here.

Flash: Applied Underwriters- Is the Sale In Trouble?

Applied Underwriters missed a key deadline in its plan to break off from Berkshire Hathaway and millions of dollars are now at risk. What’s the latest in the controversial deal?