Flash: Workers’ Comp Assessments Go Sky High

For 2022 California employers will be paying more in workers’ comp surcharges to run the Department of Industrial Relations. How much more? It’s horrifying. Get the details here.

Flash: Fed-OSHA Issues Vaccine Mandate – Employers Get Choice

Federal requirements for employers with at least 100 employees take effect soon. The development raises big questions for California.

Flash: Dramatic Increases in Fed, Cal/OSHA Penalties?

Language in a congressional budget bill would increase Fed-OSHA penalties tenfold for certain violations. Would Cal/OSHA be forced to follow suit?

Flash: Workers’ Comp Rate Decision

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara made quick work in issuing his workers’ comp pure premium rate decision just two weeks after the record closed. How big is the decrease?

Flash: Masks Off for Vaccinated Employees in California

Cal/OSHA’s Standards Board, on its third try, adopts revisions to the controversial COVID emergency standard. And now the governor has weighed in on its effective date.

Flash: Cal/OSHA: To Mask or Not to Mask

Standards Board will vote on new revisions to COVID emergency standard this week.

Flash: Take Three on COVID Revisions

Cal/OSHA Standards Board voted to rescind just-approved changes to the controversial emergency covid standard. Now there will be newer new health guidelines. What’s in them? What happens next to California employers? Click here and find out.

Flash: Standards Board: More New COVID Rules ?

The COVID regulatory saga takes another twist, as Cal/OSHA’s rulemaking body calls a special June 9th meeting to discuss more potential changes to the controversial regulation.

Flash: Will Pure Premium Increase or Decrease?

The clock is ticking for a decision on California’s next set of workers’ comp pure premium rates. What’s on the horizon? Get the story here.

Flash: Standard Board Tables ETS Vote

Anticipated revisions to the COVID emergency temporary standard are on hold while the Division of Occupational Safety and Health makes new changes to reflect current guidelines on masks and vaccinated employees. Click here to see what happens next.


Flash: CDC: No More Masks for Fully Vaccinated

CDC guidance is to open up the economy for the vaccinated.  There is science behind the change. The question is will California’s government choose science?

Flash: September 1st: New X-Mods Coming, Classification Changes Approved

Employer X-Mods are being updated and issued shortly for the new September 1 annual filing. When will they be out and what other classification changes are taking place? Get the details here.

Flash: Fed Guidance Relaxes Mask Mandate For Some

There is new guidance out on when and where masks are no longer necessary. What is the latest? Click here.

Flash: California Rate Fight Breaks Out

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau and its insurance carrier majority are pushing through a filing for a rate increase. But an alternate projection says rates should actually come down. How big is the difference in the projections? And what the heck is anyone thinking? Get the details here.

Flash: Officials Halt Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Why are the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration halting use of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine? Here’s what you need to know.

Flash: CDC: Vaccinated May Gather Without Masks

If you are fully vaccinated, the Centers for Disease Control says you can gather with others without masks. Is this a ray of hope for the workplace? And do the Cal/OSHA Emergency Requirements fly in the face of this new thinking?

Flash: California Labor Secretary Joining Biden Administration

Less than two years after becoming California’s secretary of the Labor and Workforce Development Agency, Julie Su is moving on to the number two spot at the US Department of Labor.

Flash: Lawsuit Seeks to Overturn COVID Standard

New lawsuit alleges underground regulation and “ruinous consequences” for agricultural employers from emergency temporary standard. Will this be the one to kill the emergency standard?

Flash: Lawsuit filed to Nullify Cal/OSHA Emergency COVID Rule

Seeking an injunction, employers filed a lawsuit saying the new Cal/OSHA emergency standard was promulgated illegally and that it could be “ruinous” to California employers. It comes at the same time as the COVID vaccines are being distributed. Read about it here.

Flash: 2021 Rates Are Out: Lara Rejects COVID-19 Surcharge

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara is going against the insurance industry in his 2021 pure premium rate decision. It is a victory for employers. What actions is he taking and how will it affect the rates you pay next year? Get the story here.

Flash: Cal/OSHA Rushes Thru Emergency COVID Regs

The Standards Board will vote soon on this extensive set of rules. Here is the proposed regulation and how you can weigh in – but you’d better do it quickly because the vote is just about here.

Flash: 🚨 Read it Yourself – What Does CDI Say About Applied Underwriters’/ CIC

After some consideration in our newsroom we made the decision to provide CDI’s summary – the points and authorities – directly to you– without filters or interpretation – so you can decide what to make of it. Get the details by clicking here.


The California Department of Insurance filed a plan for taking out Applied Underwriters’ California Insurance Company. It is devastating to management and may have implications for affiliates. Get the first of many of the details by clicking here.

Flash: Pressure Builds to Eliminate COVID-19 Surcharge From 2021 Rates

The industry presented its case for a 2021 rate increase, but Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara also heard why a decrease should also be considered. How big of a rate cut is possible? Get the details here.

Flash: $18M In Workers’ Comp Liens Dismissed

As the result of the Baker workers’ comp reforms the Division of Workers’ Compensation dismissed liens from nearly 1,000 workers’ comp cases. They are linked to a provider who was convicted of fraud and suspended from the system. Who was the provider and which cases were involved? Get the details here.

Flash: COVID Presumption Signed – Effective Immediately

Most of California’s workplaces are now covered by a new workplace presumption for COVID-19 cases. Who is covered and what are employers responsibilities? Get the details here.

Flash: WCIRB Approves Amending COVID-19 Surcharge

The California rating bureau is moving to amend the 2021 pure premium rate filing to change how it proposes allocating COVID-19 costs after rejecting a proposal to ease the impact on employers. What was proposed, why was it rejected and how will the amending filing affect rates? Get the details here.

Flash: COVID-19 Premium Surcharge Changes

A key committee at the rating bureau is recommending changes to the January 2021 rate filing surcharges related to COVID-19 claims. Cost allocations are shifting. Who will be bearing the brunt of the changes if they are approved? Get the details here.

Flash: Lots More AB 5 Exceptions

Lots vendors, freelancers, industries, and occupations are on the verge of being exempted from AB 5’s three-part test for independent contractors. What’s in the final version of the bill, who’s exempted, and when might it take effect? Get the details here.

Flash: Coronavirus Presumption Becomes Urgency Measure

California’s legislature is sending a COVID-19 presumption bill to Governor Newsom. Where and how will it be triggered? What kinds of employers ae involved? Get the full details here.

Flash: ⚡️ 2021 X-Mods Are Coming

2021 X-Mods will be issued beginning Thursday. Compline has same day servie and there is one new classification and three got replaced.  Get the details here.


Flash: Coronavirus Presumption Bills In Motion

Negotiations continue regarding a COVID-19 presumption.  New language was added to all three bills. There s one stall as a Senator tested positive for the coronavirus. But what do the amendments tell us about the on-going tug-of-war between labor and employers? Get the details by clicking here.

Flash: Bureau: 2021 Workers’ Comp Rate Increase

It’s ugly. The California workers’ comp bureau approved its plans for a 2021 workers’ comp rate filing and the outcome is significantly different from what the employer and labor representatives recommended. Some say unfair. What will be the final impact on rates? Get the details here.

Flash: Pandemic Impacts 2021 Workers’ Comp Rates

Bureau actuaries are completing their review of the likely cost implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on California workers’ comp rates. What’s the likely damage for California employers and who will pay the most? Here are the details here.

Flash: Applied Underwriters’ / CIC Back to Negotiating

After months of delays and general inaction, developments are happening fast in the case of the conservation of Applied Underwriters’ affiliate California Insurance Company. What’s driving the sudden movement towards a resolution? Get the details by clicking here.

Flash: Masks Now Required Everywhere in California

New guidelines outline when face coverings are now required in California and when Californians can go without. Click here for the guidance.

Flash: WCIRB Disappoints on Telecommuter Rate

California moves to create a workers’ comp class for telecommuters, but the state’s employers are likely to miss out on savings that others enjoy. How did the Rating Bureau bury a request by employers to share in the savings? Get the details here.

Dale Debber Offers Solutions in this Commentary…

Flash: 8871 The Bureau Must Think Differently

By: J Dale Debber

For just this once, the WCIRB needs to think and act differently from its norm. This is about a new class code. It would require an act of … well … courage. Here’s a pretty enlightening editorial by Dale Debber replete with a proposed solution.

Flash: Presumption Estimates Slashed for Workers’ Comp

New estimates are coming in as to what the COVID-19 pandemic might cost the California workers’ comp system? Get the details here.

Flash: Newsom Approves Limited Term COVID-19 Presumption

Gov. Gavin Newsom is approving a workers’ comp presumption for COVID-19. What’s in the order and who is covered at what cost? Get the details here.