Flash: Workers’ Comp Rate Decision

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara made quick work in issuing his workers’ comp pure premium rate decision just two weeks after the record closed. How big is the decrease?

Flash: Masks Off for Vaccinated Employees in California

Cal/OSHA’s Standards Board, on its third try, adopts revisions to the controversial COVID emergency standard. And now the governor has weighed in on its effective date.

Flash: Cal/OSHA: To Mask or Not to Mask

Standards Board will vote on new revisions to COVID emergency standard this week.


Fraud Assessment Increase

Why are prosecutors warning of a coming tsunami of workers' comp fraud? How do the plan to use anti-fraud funding to stem the tide?

Workers’ Comp Bills Await Governor’s Action

The Legislature’s work for the year is done and now it is up to Gov. Gavin Newsom. What are the bills of interest to the workers' comp community on his desk?

Copy Service Fee Schedule Still in Play

Parties say there are good and bad proposals in the Division of Workers' Compensation’s planned update to the copy service fee schedule. What are the sticking points and how can they be fixed?

Employer’s Classification Challenge Under Review

When is a clerical worker – who is physically separated from other expensive classifications - not covered by 8810? An employer is challenging an assignment decision, but with very unusual circumstances. See how you think the case should be decided. Premium subscribers can click here…

Pandemic-Related Claims Down in 2021

What’s the latest workers' comp claims data tell us about the pandemic and its impact on the sys-tem? Where are the costs and how do actuaries see them changing in the near future?

Forum Conveniens

By: Mark Webb
Changes are in the works at the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board and the Division of Workers Compensation district offices. Remote and in-person services might be affected. Why does columnist Mark Webb say the status quo should be protected?

Another Third-Party COVID-19 Claim

A state court ruling is at odds with a federal decision on workers' comp exclusivity in third-party claims for Covid-19 infections. Who’s joining the fight and what is their argument?

Med-Legal Costs Jump

The state has a new med-legal fee schedule and the initial impact on costs is startling. How much higher are they than expected?

California Supreme Court Upholds Privette Doctrine

The California Supreme Court retained the all-important Privette doctrine. But what did it have to say about jury instructions? The Court overturned a $7 million jury verdict in favor of an injured worker.

Employer’s Conviction In Fatality Case Upheld, But Sentence Reduced

Why did a court find a contractor’s workers were employees and not independent contractors? What happened to the claim for the worker killed in the accident?

DIR Aims At Medical Fraud

The Department of Industrial Relations tapped a new leader for its anti-fraud efforts. Who’s running the show, what do they bring to the table and how do they plan to get the bad actors out of the system?


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