Flash: Fed-OSHA Issues Vaccine Mandate – Employers Get Choice

Federal requirements for employers with at least 100 employees take effect soon. The development raises big questions for California.

Flash: Dramatic Increases in Fed, Cal/OSHA Penalties?

Language in a congressional budget bill would increase Fed-OSHA penalties tenfold for certain violations. Would Cal/OSHA be forced to follow suit?

Flash: Workers’ Comp Rate Decision

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara made quick work in issuing his workers’ comp pure premium rate decision just two weeks after the record closed. How big is the decrease?


State Fund Hikes Rates For 2022

How much is State Compensation Insurance Fund increasing rates for 2022? Which classes will be hit hardest? Premium subscribers can get the story and the list of classes right here…

Employer Owes Premium In Independent Contractor Dispute

When can independent contractors who don’t have a contractor’s license still qualify as an independent contractor? A new decision sheds light on the intricacies. Get the details here…

“Rust” Movie Fatality Raises Host Of Workers’ Comp Issues

What are the workers' comp and other legal implications surrounding the fatal shooting on a New Mexico movie set? Where might the workers' comp claims land? And get some wisdom from producers who work with production companies.

Classification Dispute: Housekeeping Vs Janitorial

What is the difference between housekeeping and janitorial services? Why did a carrier change a cleaning compa-ny’s assigned classification?

Federal Vaccine Mandate Spurs Litigation

By: Mark Webb
Fed-OSHA’s vaccine ETS and the president’s executive order mandating corporate behavior are facing multiple legal challenges all over the country. Columnist Mark Webb digs in to help explain the legal and technical issues. Read it now as clear content provided as a public service.
The Applied Underwriters’ Legal Saga…

Court Rejects CIC’s Demand To Compel

Continuing its scorched earth litigation strategy, Applied Underwriters’ unit California Insurance Company and the Department of Insurance were back in court over discovery issues. Why did the judge reject CIC’s points?

Expanding Payrolls Boost State Fund’s 3Q Results

How is the state’s largest workers' comp carriers performing financially? What are the factors driving the improvement in its underwriting performance?
Applied Underwriters’ Adjusting the Claim…

Court Allows Injured Worker’s FEHA Claims

How does a workers' comp claim spawn a discrimination lawsuit? What did a company do and how does the court say it should have responded?

Tips, Restaurant Industry Segments Under Review

California restaurant sector could soon see major changes to workers’ comp classifications and how workers' comp premium is calculated. Premium subscribers can find out what is under consideration by clicking here

RAND Study Fails to Consider Major Issues

A key economic analysis of Cal/OSHA’s proposed regulation to prevent indoor heat illness is official. It says there are whopping costs, but also whopping benefits. Click here to see the RAND Corp. findings.

Workers’ Comp Filing Proposed Changes

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau is working on new regulations for its next filing. What important changes are likely to be going into the next filing?


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