Flash: Fed Guidance Relaxes Mask Mandate For Some

There is new guidance out on when and where masks are no longer necessary. What is the latest? Click here.

Flash: California Rate Fight Breaks Out

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau and its insurance carrier majority are pushing through a filing for a rate increase. But an alternate projection says rates should actually come down. How big is the difference in the projections? And what the heck is anyone thinking? Get the details here.

Flash: Officials Halt Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Why are the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration halting use of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine? Here’s what you need to know.


California Rate Recommendations’ Differences Largest In A Decade

How did California insurance carriers and the public members of the Bureau end up nearly 11% apart on the workers’ comp pure premium rate recommendation? What goes into each of the side’s calculations? Get the whole deeper story by clicking here.

Ninth Circuit Says AB 5 Applies To Truckers

The Ninth Circuit issued a key decision in the ongoing debate over independent contractors and employees. Now that AB5 applies, how many truckers could be affected? What will it cost consumers, and how many jobs will be lost? Get the story here.
Scorching the Earth …

Applied Underwriters Gets A Win In Discovery Dispute

What documents did the court say Applied Underwriters could have? Who will be called for depositions? The details are right here.

Alternative MPN Bill Downgraded

Employer and carrier opposition to legislation establishing a state-run medical provider network resulted in sig-nificant changes to the legislation. What does it propose to do now and when would it take effect? Get the details here.

The PRO Act Pitfall

By: Mark Webb
Is the federal government about to follow California’s example for handling labor/management relations? How could that possibly go wrong? Mark Webb columnist opines and sheds both light and shade. Click here.

Proposal To Limit Claims Investigations, Increase Medical Liability Clears Committee

How many workers’ comp claims are denied because they are not work related? How much time would employers have to investigate workers' comp claims if a bill moving through the Legislature passes? How would it impact medical costs? Get the details by clicking here.

Skin Cancer Presumption Advances On A Promise

A legislative proposal to expand the state’s workers' comp presumptions is moving, but there is a hiccup. Who would be covered? What’s the hold up on the bill? Get the story here.

Employers Holdings Reduces Staff

Find out why Employers Group made staff reductions. How deep and what is the outlook for Employers? And see graphics from Compline showing what parts of California it may and may not want business. Get the details here.

Self-Insured Groups By The Numbers

How are California’s self-insured groups performing in the current market? What do the numbers tell us about California’s oversight? Click here for the story.
Major change in how we look at rates and X-Mods…

September 1st – The New “New Year” For Workers’ Comp

The California workers' compensation system is operating on a new calendar. Why is the annual rate filing different this year? Get the details behind the shift by clicking here.

Compline Goes Daily in Major Upgrade

Workers’ Comp Executive’s sister company Compline is releasing a major update that will make the service even more responsive for brokers, employers, managing general agents and others in the workers' comp system. How will the update help you beat the competition? Get the details by clicking here.


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