Flash: California Insurance Company Kicked Out?

A final decision is still pending, but the Judge overseeing California Insurance Company’s conservation gave a big clue as to how she plans to rule. Get the details here.

Flash: Appeals Court Strikes Down Controversial WCAB Practice

A California Court of Appeal says the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board has been violating California law for years. What is the practice that it says must stop?

Flash: Workers’ Comp Regulatory Filing Approved

California’s Insurance Commissioner approved the WCIRB’s technical changes to the workers’ comp classifications and experience rating system effective September 1, 2023. Here are the fundamental changes taking effect.


State Preparing Final Order To Usher CIC Out of California

The conservation of Applied Underwriters' California Insurance Company took a momentous step forward with the court adopting the state's rehabilitation plan. But there are always issues, and the Earth must get scorched.

Employers To Pay More To Fight Workers’ Comp Fraud

A big decision is coming on anti-fraud funding for next year. How big of an increase are prosecutors seeking?

Third District Reviewing State Fund’s Appeal

Is the California Department of Insurance violating the terms of a settlement agreement with State Fund? A court of appeal is expected to rule shortly.

Contractor Classification Disclosure Bill Sent To Governor

Contractors and the Contractors State Licensing Board could soon face a new reporting require-ment. What's in a bill that is now on Gov. Newsom's desk?

Apportionment: Second En Banc Decision In Nunes Case

The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board revisits issues it raised in a June en banc decision on apportionment in permanent disability cases. It had strong words for the claimant and their counsel.

San Francisco Sues Hospitality Company Over Worker Misclassification

San Francisco is taking on another gig economy company over the misclassification of the workers that generate the company's revenues. What are the occupations involved?

Darby Given More Responsibility by Berkshire Hathaway

A well-known executive is shouldering more responsibilities for Berkshire Hathaway. Get the details here.

Admiralty Law Doesn’t Cover Worker’s Injury

A workers' comp claimant tried to get around the Workers’ Compensation Act’s exclusivity provi-sion. Why have the courts blocked his path?

Instacart IPO Notes Workers’ Comp Risks

How could workers' comp cause problems for a gig economy company looking to cash in? SEC filings highlight the concerns.

Covid-19 Claims To Count Against X-Mods

When could Covid-19 workers' comp claims start counting against an employer’s X-Mod? How are other states handling these claims?

Court Reinstates Qui Tam Case Alleging Fraud

A Court of Appeal is allowing an insurance carrier to pursue fraud claims against a group of radiology providers. What was the alleged scam?