Flash: 2024 Workers’ Comp Assessments

The 2024 assessments are out California employers will have more fees tacked on to their workers’ comp. The fees will fund operations at the Department of Industrial Relations. How much more? The details are inside.

Flash: California Insurance Company Kicked Out?

A final decision is still pending, but the Judge overseeing California Insurance Company’s conservation gave a big clue as to how she plans to rule. Get the details here.

Flash: Appeals Court Strikes Down Controversial WCAB Practice

A California Court of Appeal says the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board has been violating California law for years. What is the practice that it says must stop?


Single Payer Health, Presumptions & Expanded Benefits Bills Introduced

Single Payer health insurance encompassing workers’ comp is one of the issues that Legislators will be fighting over this year. Add in new presumptions, changes at Department of Industrial Relations, more claims expenses and find out who are the protagonists.

What Changes Might Improve Accuracy Of Rates and X-Mods

Most of the nation is adopting a new approach to developing workers' comp rates and X-Mods. How does it differ from California’s approach and will the Bureau change as well? Get the story here.

Finally the MEWA Fraud Case Goes to Court

What will be the focus of the federal government's case against the operators of an illegal workers' comp scheme? When will the case(s) go to trial?

WCIRB Regulatory Filing

Changes are in the works for classification assignments, as well as payroll minimum and maxi-mum. What are the sectors that will be affected? Get the details here.

State Fund’s Combined Ratio Down 50 Points

What's behind State Fund's 2023 year-end results? The raw numbers and management's explanation is inside. Click here.

State’s Labor Law Enforcement Questioned

Where is the Department of Industrial Relations failing to protect farmworkers? How is it dealing with its staffing problems? Details are here.

CHSWC Tries New Process For Cancer Risk Study

How is the Commission on Health, Safety and Workers’ Compensation responding to commissioners’ concerns about the quality of its studies? What procedural changes have been made?

CIGA Investigation Notches One Conviction, Another Prosecution Pending

The California Insurance Guarantee Association's special investigations unit celebrated its first birthday. What were its results?

Anti-Fraud Commission Approves One-Time Funding Shift

How are the millions of dollars that California employers pay to fight workers' comp fraud being redistributed? Why was the change initiated?

Rate Cut Coming for the 8871 Telecommuter Class

How has the loss experience for California's newish class covering telecommuters developed? How different is its experience compared to office-based clerical employees? What will the new rates be? Get the latest data by clicking here.

QME Process Regulations Back At OAL

What changed in the latest and likely final draft of the QME process regulations? When might they take effect?