Flash: Masks Off for Vaccinated Employees in California

Cal/OSHA’s Standards Board, on its third try, adopts revisions to the controversial COVID emergency standard. And now the governor has weighed in on its effective date.

Flash: Cal/OSHA: To Mask or Not to Mask

Standards Board will vote on new revisions to COVID emergency standard this week.

Flash: Take Three on COVID Revisions

Cal/OSHA Standards Board voted to rescind just-approved changes to the controversial emergency covid standard. Now there will be newer new health guidelines. What’s in them? What happens next to California employers? Click here and find out.


New Mexico AG Wants In…

Commissioner Lara v Applied Underwriters Back In Court

A federal judge will hear a familiar argument next week in the ongoing litigation between Applied Underwriters and the California Department of Insurance. Why is the New Mexico Attorney General looking to have a say in the matter? Get the latest details by clicking here.

The Case For a Workers’ Comp Rate Cut

What are the key differences between the Bureau’s push for a rate increase and the public’s recommendation for a rate decrease? Which parts caught the Department’s interest? Get the story here.

Market Hardening for Excess Workers’ Comp

California’s usually quiet excess workers' comp market is evolving. Which carriers are increasing and which de-creasing market share? What’s happening to premium? What impact did the pandemic have on coverage availabil-ity? Premium subscribers can get the details from the real trenches by clicking here.

Trial Starting In MRI Provider’s Kickback Case

One of the last major defendants in a wide-ranging investigation of workers' comp fraud in Cali-fornia is finally going to trial. What was the alleged scam and who was involved? Get the details here.

Bureau Combines Circuses and Theaters

Circus operators could soon see a significant rate cut if planned changed to their classification are adopted. How will it affect employers in related classes? Get the story here.

Commissioner Lara Approves Anti-Fraud Funds

The anti-fraud funding awards for 36 district attorneys are now official. Who is getting more money this year than last? Get the story here.

Court Allows Some Litigation Tied To CastlePoint Liquidation

A California Court had some sharp words in a case involving the failed Tower Insurance companies. It is an amazing set of circumstances. What are the claims and which ones will go forward? Click here for the details.

Intended Consequences

By: Mark Webb
California’s workers' comp costs are likely to increase as a result of recent changes. Is this a sign that a new round of reforms are needed? Industry expert Mark Webb has an opinion. Click here to get the full story.

Drivers, Trucking Associations Petition Ninth Circuit

The trucking industry is making another run at overturning AB 5. How is their argument evolving? Get the de-tails here.

Will 10,000 Employers Be Added To Experience Rating?

Workers’ Comp Executive breaks the news that the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau is consider-ing a dramatic expansion of experience rating. What are its plans? Premium subscribers can the details here.

District Attorneys Jockey For Anti-Fraud Funds

California employers are about to give the states District Attorneys $46 million to fight workers' comp fraud. Are the DAs being held accountable? Get the story by clicking here.


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