Flash: Lawsuit Seeks to Overturn COVID Standard

New lawsuit alleges underground regulation and “ruinous consequences” for agricultural employers from emergency temporary standard. Will this be the one to kill the emergency standard?

Flash: Lawsuit filed to Nullify Cal/OSHA Emergency COVID Rule

Seeking an injunction, employers filed a lawsuit saying the new Cal/OSHA emergency standard was promulgated illegally and that it could be “ruinous” to California employers. It comes at the same time as the COVID vaccines are being distributed. Read about it here.

Flash: 2021 Rates Are Out: Lara Rejects COVID-19 Surcharge

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara is going against the insurance industry in his 2021 pure premium rate decision. It is a victory for employers. What actions is he taking and how will it affect the rates you pay next year? Get the story here.


Outdated Definition Inflates Employer’s Workers’ Comp Rate

A long-running classification dispute ended poorly for the employer. Why did a state administrative law judge overseeing the case say it didn’t have to be this way? Get the full story by clicking here.

Proposed CIC Rehabilitation Plan Gains Employer Support

The state’s efforts to rehabilitate California Insurance Company, including resolving the numerous legal cases, is getting a thumbs up from employers. What do they have to say about the settlement provisions? Get the details by clicking here.

Small Contractors, AB 5, & Presumptions in Workers Comp Legislation

There are a few early bills in print that have implications for the workers' comp system. What are the bills and who is carrying them? Get the details here.

New Mexico is Threatening Applied Underwriters’ New Carrier

Applied Underwriters’ planned exit route from California for its California Insurance Company subsidiary may soon be blocked. What action is another state taking and why? Click here for the details.

Still Don’t Know Our ABCs

By: By Mark Webb
California’s highest court shed more light on the controversial ABC Test for employment. How will this impact the coming Legislative session or the new administration? An industry expert opines. Click here for the full story.

Budget Proposal Includes COVID-19 Related Positions For DIR

Department of Industrial Relations and the Division of Workers' Compensation will get more staff if Governor Newsom’s proposed budget is approved. How many more positions and at what cost to employers? Get the full story by clicking here.

Injured at Home Rules and Employers Defense

By: By Gregory Grinberg Esq.
The pandemic induced work-from-home trend creates a new set of challenges for employers look-ing to manage their exposure to workers' comp claims. What are the rules and defenses? Industry expert Gregory Grinberg explains in this commentary.

Workers’ Comp Is A Key Issue in Prop. 22 Legal Challenge

Gig economy drivers and labor interests are trying to nullify a ballot initiative that passed with 58% of the vote. Is there a constitutional conflict? How does workers' compensation figure in the legal arguments against Proposition 22? Get the full story here.
WCAB, Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, workers' comp judge, Limin Gao v. Chevron Corp., Craig Snellings, Jose Razo, Anne Schmitz,

WCAB Panel Overturns Order Delaying Remote Trial

Why did a workers' comp judge balk at continuing a trial via remote hearings after the pandemic hit? How does the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board say the issue should have been handled? Get the details by clicking here.

New, Emerging Strains of COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus is mutating. How many strains are there and what does it mean for the vaccination effort? Get the story by clicking here.

California Workers’ Comp Underwriting Profit 19.4%

Workers comp carriers profitability exceed expectations with amaing results being reported national-ly and especially in California.


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