Flash: WCAB Issues En Banc On Rebutting Combined Values Chart

In a just issued en banc decision, The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board endorsed two approaches to rebutting the Combined Values Chart in the Permanent Disabilities Rating Schedule. Get the full story here.

Flash: Bureau Files for Workers’ Comp Rate Increase

While California’s workers’ comp market remains highly competitive, the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau is back with another request for a rate increase. How much are they asking for this time? Here’s the story

Flash: Court Approves California Department’s Rehabilitation Plan

The long-awaited decision in the California Insurance Company rehabilitation plan is out. But will the saga continue?


Rate Hearing Controversy

What went down at the California Department of Insurance's annual advisory pure premium rate hearing? How do the rate recommendations of the insurance industry and the public members differ?

Proposition 22’s Fate Rests with The Supreme Court

How did the California Supreme Court Justices react to the arguments for and against the Legislature plenary authority in workers' comp vs the terms of Proposition 22? What questions did they ask? Were there indications as to the outcome? Paid subscribers can click here.

Assembly Nixes Proposed WCAB Fix

The legislative response to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s May Revise is out and has some key cuts. Where is the starting point for negotiations on a final budget deal?

Court Rules In Lyft Driver Injury Case

Do ride-hailing companies need to screen passengers to protect drivers, and failing that, do they owe them workers' comp benefits if they are attacked and injured by a rider?

DWC Posts Tardy 2022 Ethics Report Along With 2023 Report

New complaint data about the system’s workers' comp administrative law judges is out. What do the reports have to say about who is lodging complaints and whether or not there is any validity to them?

Commissioner Adopts September 1 Regulatory Changes

New experience rating and classification assignment rules were approved for September 1st, 2024. What are the changes?

Divided Court Finds Privette Doctrine Applies

Did a building owner and its management company retain control over a tenant improvement project that result in a serious injury to a subcontractor’s employee? The Fourth District was divided on the issue and whether the dispute should go to trial.

Legislative Update

The Legislature has rounded the corner and is in the home stretch for the 2024 session. What are the workers' comp-related bills that are moving forward?

IMR Decisions Reverse Trends In 2023

How well are California employers performing utilization review? What do the latest numbers about independent medical review (IMR) have to tell us?

Workers’ Comp: Continued Profitability

What do the latest numbers tell us about the health of the workers' comp industry? Why are past loss ratios decreasing? The national results are right here.

WCAB Levies $40,000 In Sanctions Plus Fees & Costs

The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board is taking an applicant's attorney and her hearing rep husband to the proverbial woodshed. What were their offenses?