Flash: Workers’ Comp Rate Decision

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara made quick work in issuing his workers’ comp pure premium rate decision just two weeks after the record closed. How big is the decrease?

Flash: Masks Off for Vaccinated Employees in California

Cal/OSHA’s Standards Board, on its third try, adopts revisions to the controversial COVID emergency standard. And now the governor has weighed in on its effective date.

Flash: Cal/OSHA: To Mask or Not to Mask

Standards Board will vote on new revisions to COVID emergency standard this week.


Despite What Bureau Tells Legislature…

California Workers’ Comp Loss Ratio at 81%

How well did California’s workers' comp industry weather the pandemic-induced recession? Just Wow. And how far does the report the Bureau delivered to the legislature drift from reality? What happened to medical and indemnity costs? Click here for the latest industry data.

CDI Focuses On Frequency in Workers’ Comp Rate Filing

It is with bated breath (okay maybe not) that the industry is waiting to find out whether new workers comp rates will go up or down. The California Department of Insurance is studying conflicting proposals by carriers and private industry and will decide something soon. When can we expect a decision? What might it be? Premium subscribers can the inside story right here.

Federal Court Rejects Applied Underwriters…Again

Applied Underwriters’ lost its latest attempt to upend California’s conservatorship of California Insurance Com-pany. Is a federal judge losing his patience with the troubled group? Get the story here.

Private Self-Insureds’ Results

What impact did the COVID-19 pandemic have on private, self-insured employers workers' comp costs? New statewide data is out. Get the details by clicking here.

Not Quite The Dog Days

By: Mark Webb
The California’s legislators might be away on summer recess, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t key developments happening. Industry expert Mark Webb points out that even during the dog days of summer happenings must be monitored. Click here for the whole story.

Controversy Dooms Claims Investigation Bill

An employer opposed bill that proposed significant changes to the claims investigation process failed to advance, but not before changes were considered. What was on offer and when might the issue surface again? Get the story by clicking here.
CDI Transparency Questioned

Lobbyists Sue Applied Underwriters For $2M Fee

Applied Underwriters hasn’t paid its bills according to two former Assemblymen turned lobbyists. The lawsuit they filed is raising questions about the California Department of Insurance’s commitment to transparency and fair dealing. Who all is involved in the lawsuit and what did it reveal about the Department? Premium subscribers can the story here.

MRI Provider Convicted On All 12 Counts In Kickback Scheme

The alleged ringleader of a workers' comp fraud scheme is facing serious jail time. Who got popped and how did it work? Get the story here.

Bills Extending, Expanding AB 5 Exemptions Advance

More exemptions to California’s landmark ABC test for independent contractor status are under consideration. What industries are in line for a change? Get the story here.
New Mexico AG Wants In…

Commissioner Lara v Applied Underwriters Back In Court

A federal judge will hear a familiar argument next week in the ongoing litigation between Applied Underwriters and the California Department of Insurance. Why is the New Mexico Attorney General looking to have a say in the matter? Get the latest details by clicking here.

The Case For a Workers’ Comp Rate Cut

What are the key differences between the Bureau’s push for a rate increase and the public’s recommendation for a rate decrease? Which parts caught the Department’s interest? Get the story here.


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