Flash: Officials Halt Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Why are the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration halting use of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine? Here’s what you need to know.

Flash: CDC: Vaccinated May Gather Without Masks

If you are fully vaccinated, the Centers for Disease Control says you can gather with others without masks. Is this a ray of hope for the workplace? And do the Cal/OSHA Emergency Requirements fly in the face of this new thinking?

Flash: California Labor Secretary Joining Biden Administration

Less than two years after becoming California’s secretary of the Labor and Workforce Development Agency, Julie Su is moving on to the number two spot at the US Department of Labor.


As Federal Case Crumbles…

Applied Seeks To Delay New Mexico Penalty Hearing

Applied Underwriters suffers another defeat in court. What’s next in its fight to regain control of California Insurance Company? Get the story here.

Apportionment Reform Bill Advances Over Employer Opposition

California’s apportionment rules are again a target for would be reforms. Can a compromise be reached? Get the story here.

Fact Checking

By: Mark Webb
An industry pundit says AB 1465’s assault on the California workers' comp system is threatening to roll back the clock to a time of excess. How are backers misrepresenting what the bill would do? Get the details by clicking here.

State Employee Workers’ Comp Costs Nearly $1Billion

California taxpayers are paying nearly $1Billion more to provide workers' comp benefits to state workers. Which departments see the most frequency and severity.? Get the details by clicking here.

Fed’s Double Charges Against BaronHR & Luis Perez

A key figure in California’s staffing industry is facing new criminal charges. Who are the feds going after and for what? Click here for the details.

Should the COVID-19 Presumption Be Permanent?

Legislation is moving to expand the use of workers' comp presumptions in California. Who would benefit and at what cost? Get the story here.
No Workers’ Comp Insurance…

Targeted Inspections Find 25% Uninsured

Results from a statewide task force targeting the underground economy and scofflaw employers are in. What of-fenses were found and what industries are the worst offenders? You may be surprised. Get the details here.

Workers’ Comp and General Liability Claims Headed To CIGA

The California Insurance Guarantee Association is about to inherit another failed insurance carrier. Who is it and how big of a hit will it be? Get the story here.

Copy Service Fee Schedule Update In The Works

The Division of Workers' Compensation says a proposed update to the copy service fee schedule is nearly ready for public review. What are the lingering issues and how might they impact the system? The details are right here.

COVID Surcharge, CT Claim Modifier Likely Out Of Rate Filing

Work is underway for the next filing for advisory pure premium rates. What developments have industry actuaries concerned and how might it affect the filing? Get the story here.

More Presumption Bills

Workers' comp presumptions are a popular tool for legislative gifts to special interests. Who is getting more now? And who is paying for it? Get the story here.


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  Flash: Officials Halt Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Why are the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration halting use of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson COVID … Read More »

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