News Digest 10-12-2021


Minneapolis Police Department down 300 officers from spring 2020

Police departments across the country are having trouble retaining and recruiting staff, leaving many with officer shortages. The Minneapolis Police Department’s staff has dwindled to 588 officers, a decline of roughly 300 from the time of George Floyd’s murder, according to the Star Tribune. A sharp increase in police officers applying for workers’ compensation since spring 2020, many of them filing claims for post-traumatic stress disorder, is also straining the city’s budget. Minnesota Reformer


Athletes at universities are employees and can collectively bargain, top labor lawyer says

Athletes at private colleges qualify as employees under federal labor law, National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo said in a memo late last month. The NCAA coined the phrase “student-athlete” in the 1950s to distinguish college athletes as amateurs, and the moniker came into common use after the NCAA won a ruling from the Colorado Supreme Court that said the nonprofit didn’t have to pay workers ‘compensation after a collegiate football player died mid-game. The Eagle


Wyoming governor votes for special session to ban vaccine mandates

Some Wyoming legislators and citizens are calling for the legislature to hold a special session to prevent the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate, which could prevent nearly 100 million Americans from applying in Wyoming. After the mandate was announced last month, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon and leadership of the Wyoming Legislature expressed interest in taking steps to limit the perceived federal overreach of the vaccine mandate. Oil City News