New Digest 2-13-2020

Quote of the day

“The dangers aren’t limited to a physical accident, such as in construction or manufacturing. There is a significant risk from office workers’ impaired judgment. A bookkeeper or accountant, for instance, a programmer, anyone who has to deal with accuracy. Even insurance underwriting judgment could be impacted.”

Workers’ Comp Executive


Flash: Pot Use Unacceptable for Both ‘Safety Sensitive’ and Office Workers

Surprisingly, California law provides employers with a wide leeway when it comes to marijuana. It’s not only about physical safety. Get the story here. Workers’ Comp Executive


Official explains Vermont’s workers’ comp rate reductions

Vermont’s commissioner of the Department of Financial Regulation attributes decreases in workers’ compensation premium costs to three main factors, including his agencies rate review efforts. Rutland Herald


Idaho Senate supports removal of sunset from 2016 workers’ comp bill

The Idaho Senate has unanimously passed a bill that would remove the sunset clause from a 2016 bill regarding workers’ comp claims from firefighters who contract 11 specific cancers on the job. Without the bill, the cancer provisions would expire in 2021. Idaho Press


ER nurse shines light on attacks by patients

Healthcare employees have a 20 percent higher chance of being a victim of workplace violence than other employees, according to Fed-OSHA. Reports from Louisville University Medical Center over the last four years reveal hundreds of instances of hospital staff being physically, verbally and sexually assaulted. Some states have passed laws to make punishment more severe for assaults on nurses, and it’s a move one former combat medic and current nurse thinks could help in Kentucky. WDRB (Louisville, Ky.) [with video]


‘My boss wants me to travel during the coronavirus. Do I have to go?’

Can employees cite the coronavirus outbreak as a reason not to carry out their ordinary duties? Fortune