New Digest 2-20-2020


Texas: Ethics violation report filed against Laredo councilman

Two Laredo, Texas city council members and the mayor on Friday filed an ethics violation report against a councilman and a pain doctor, who has allegedly received about $5,600 from city workers’ compensation patients since he voted on the selection of the city’s group health insurance provider in June. The councilman stood to gain financially from his vote, according to the report. LMTonline


Illinois: Is biometric protection act pre-empted under workers’ comp?

As class actions brought under Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act proceed through litigation, defendants have made a variety of arguments attempting to push courts to define the limits of the somewhat vague statute, writes attorney Amy Harwath. Chicago Law Bulletin



Federal labor authority looks to overturn union dues regulations

The Federal Labor Relations Authority is reinterpreting a federal statute governing federal employee union dues, a decision that would overturn nearly four decades of precedent governing the annual collection of dues. Previous interpretation of that statute determined union dues could only be revoked at specific, one-year intervals. Federal Times


How long can coronaviruses linger on contaminated surfaces?

It’s unknown exactly how long the novel coronavirus, a large group of viruses common among animals, can linger on contaminated surfaces and objects with the potential of infecting people, but some researchers are finding clues. CNN