New Digest 2-25-2020

Quote of the day

“My husband has fought for me, but without him, I probably would have just given up. That’s what they want you to do — they want you to give up and go away.”

Stephanie Albers, a Houston flight attendant who was injured when she fell during severe turbulence

Houston Chronicle



Flight attendant discusses struggle with Texas workers’ comp system

In Texas, where workers’ compensation is optional and more than a quarter of employers do not cover their employees, some injured employees simply don’t reporting workplace injuries and instead rely on health insurance because the system is stacked against them, advocates assert. A Houston flight attendant who was injured while working is an example of the cycle of denial, appeal and delayed treatment. Houston Chronicle


Three Ohio business owners fined $800K for workers’ comp fraud

Three men have been fined by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation more than $800,000 after investigators discovered they were operating a construction company and a pallet manufacturer without workers’ compensation coverage. Akron Beacon Journal


Ohio: Opponents first responders’ PTSD bill to introduce counter bill

A bill passed last week by the Ohio House would allow law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel to file a workers’ compensation claim for a diagnosed PTSD that doesn’t accompany a physical injury. One of the bill’s opponents said it would have received unanimous support if it wouldn’t cost the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation an additional $44 million, and plans to introduce a counter bill that would fund coverage through one of two other state agencies. EMS1


West Virginia Senate addresses workers comp for PTSD

The West Virginia Senate is taking up a House bill that would allow first responders to collect workers’ compensation benefits if they are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. One of the bill’s sponsors has tried to pass similar bills for three years. MetroNews


Pennsylvania bill would expand workers’ comp for volunteer firefighters, medical teams

A bill in the Pennsylvania Senate is designed to expand workers’ compensation to ensure that all active duty volunteers for fire and EMS/rescue companies are covered by workers’ compensation in case they are injured while performing their duties, according to one of its sponsors. Citizens Voice (Wilkes-Barre, Pa.)