News Digest 1-10-2022


Connecticut Supreme Court again denies claims by victims of 2010 gas plant explosion

The Connecticut Supreme Court has issued a ruling absolving the plant owner and its administrative agent of negligence and liability for the Kleen Energy gas plant explosion, a 2010 construction accident in Middletown that killed six people and injured 27 more. It is the second loss at the state’s high court for the employees and their families seeking workers’ compensation for serious injury and death. The court had earlier concluded the general contractor was immune from the suit because it had paid workers’ compensation to the victims under state law that established it as a principal employer. Hartford Courant [with audio]


Florida auto shops may benefit from workers’ comp rate decrease

A workers’ compensation rate filing decrease that went into effect January 1 in Florida could have a future impact on the state’s collision repair industry. A Florida Office of Insurance Regulation November 12, 2021 order decreases the statewide overall workers’ compensation premium by 4.9 percent following a 6.6 percent decrease in 2020. Repairer Driven News


Citigroup will fire US employees who refuse vaccine

Citigroup will fire US employees at the end of January if they have not been vaccinated or received an exemption, according to a person briefed on the matter. More than 90 percent of employees at Citi are vaccinated, and management at the bank expect that to increase in the lead-up to the deadline. Financial Times


Canada: Saskatchewan WCB says it won’t accept rapid tests

Saskatchewan employees who don’t get a PCR test to confirm their COVID-19 diagnosis won’t be eligible for support from the Workers’ Compensation Board, “as there is no way to obtain a medical report confirming these results,” according to a spokesman. CBC