News Digest 10-25-2019

Quote of the day

“We see this dividend as not only part of our long-term capital management strategy but also in service to our long-term vision and promise.”

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation Board Chairman Byron Craig Thomson, regarding a mid-year dividend

West Side Journal


Flash: Applied CIC – Admitted or Not? Are In-force Polices In-Force?

Is Applied’s CIC Admitted in California or not? It’s stopped quoting new and renewal business. Are existing in-force policies in force or not? These and other questions are answered in this edition of the Saga Applied Underwriters’ – Veracity or Verbosity. Click here for an amazing read … Workers’ Comp Executive


Workers’ comp presents school board with mid-year dividend

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation has declared a $136 million mid-year dividend to be distributed in October to about 20,000 businesses throughout Louisiana. It was the first ever mid-year dividend issued by LWCC. West Side Journal


Former manager of aluminum plant sentenced to home confinement for cover-up

An ex-manager of an Ohio aluminum plant who tried to hide the circumstances of an employee’s death in 2012 has received a judgement of three months’ home confinement. His co-worker, a plant manager at the time, was sentenced last week to five months in prison, and fined $20,000. The 21-year-old employee was killed when two metal racks stacked on top of each other, weighing between 4,000 and 5,000 pounds, tipped over onto him and another employee. Youngstown Vindicator


West Virginia justices side with workers’ compensation board

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has ruled tWest Virginia Workers’ Compensation Board of Review properly denied the addition of two diagnoses, lumbar spondylosis without myelopathy and lumbar radiculopathy, to a welder’s workers’ comp claim. West Virginia Record


Audio: Labor shifts impact on the workers’ compensation industry

In this podcast, attorney Alan S. Pierce discusses technology’s impact on the workplace, how workers’ comp is keeping up with the millennial generation and protecting them, and what it may mean for workers’ comp litigation and structured settlements for workers. Legal Talk Network [with audio]