News Digest 11-11-2020


Ex-air marshal pleads guilty to disability benefits fraud

A 52-year-old former federal air marshal employee has pleaded guilty Tuesday to fraudulently collecting nearly a quarter of a million dollars in government disability benefits while owning and operating a martial arts business, including instructing and engaging in jiu jitsu, in Rhode Island, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office. WHDH (Boston)


Wisconsin: Green Bay first responders request city to reconsider COVID-19 paid coverage

Green Bay, Wisconsin police and fire employees no longer have paid coverage for time off if they get COVID-19 or have to stay home with family members who have it, unless they request and receive workers’ compensation or use regular sick time. The city of approved the extra coverage in the spring, and at that time, gave it an end date of November 6. WBAY


Being proactive can reduce COVID-19 liability

a change in New Jersey’s Workers’ Compensation law that is retroactive to March 9 created the presumption that coronavirus contracted by those whose jobs expose them to COVID-19 is work-related and fully compensable. Employers can reduce their liability in the workplace with well-thought-out safety policies and informed employees, writes Joe Cavaluzzi. New Jersey Business


New study reveals locations at highest risk of spreading COVID-19

Restaurants, gyms, hotels and houses of worship are among the 10 percent of locations that would appear to account for 80 percent of the COVID-19 infections, according to new research. The study, which included researchers from Northwestern University and Stanford, analyzed cellphone data from 98 million Americans in 10 major cities including New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston. New York Post