News Digest 11-17-2020


New York contractor arrested for failing to have workers’ comp insurance after injury

A Rockland County, New York contractor has been arrested for failure to have workers’ compensation insurance while having several employees working on construction jobs, after one was injured while working. Authorities say the business repeatedly filed for home improvement licenses/renewals with the county, claiming their company had no employees. Mid Hudson News


Retired Ohio policeman pleads guilty to workers’ compensation fraud

A former Canton, Ohio policeman pleaded guilty after being charged with operating a landscaping business and working as a security guard while simultaneously collecting workers compensation for a back injury that purportedly prevented him from working. Fox 8 (Cleveland)


11th Circuit extends scope, time limits for lawsuits under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act

Attorney Anthony “T.J.” Jagoditz of Dinsmore discusses a recent court case that addressed whether “downstream actors” that contract with Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) and make conditional payments have the same standing to seek double damages as Medicare and MAOs under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act private right of action. National Law Review


What to know if your employer wants you to get vaccinated for COVID

There are obvious benefits to having a workforce that’s been immunized from coronavirus, but can your employer require you to get vaccinated? Once a vaccine becomes available, experts think some employers are likely to require employees to get it. KMOV (St. Louis)


Workers’ comp portal launched in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry this month unveiled a portal for filing and accessing workers’ compensation claims, the department’s first major technology system upgrade since 1995. The project’s planned August 31 launch was delayed to November 2 to ensure readiness of the external workers’ compensation stakeholder community, the agency said. Minnesota Lawyer