News Digest 12-3-2019

Quote of the day

“Insured employers will benefit again next year from the California Insurance Guarantee Association’s decision not to assess.”

Workers’ Comp Executive



Flash: Here’s the 2020 Workers’ Comp Assessment Rates

The 2020 workers’ comp assessments are out. California employers will be paying more to fund the workers’ comp system. How much more? Get the details here. Workers’ Comp Executive


Three federal agencies are cracking down on employee opioid use

Employees at Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Transportation Security Administration and Secret Service are rarely caught using opioids illegally. However, these agencies are beginning to institute new policies to oversee employees’ illegal—and legal—use of opioids. The policies will enable the components to ensure their workforces are “capable of effectively performing their duties,” according to the Homeland Security Department inspector general. Government Executive


Louisville-based insurer loses contract to manage Kentucky’s Medicaid program

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration has dropped Passport Health Plan, of Louisville and notified five other health insurance companies they have won five-year contracts to manage around $8 billion a year in the state’s Medicaid business. Passport’s main revenue comes from managing health care for Kentucky Medicaid enrollees, a population it was founded to serve in 1997 as a nonprofit. Louisville Courier-Journal


Forklift operator in fatal Florida crash was unlicensed

How did a man end up operating a forklift as a subcontractor, working on a project for the city of Fort Lauderdale, when he had traffic offenses for driving without a license, no documentation to be in the country, and an uncertain work history? Sun-Sentinel