News Digest 2-17-2021


Virginia Senate committee kills workers’ comp retaliation bill

Virginia senators have rejected a bill that passed the Virginia House, the would prevent employers from retaliating against their employees who file a workers’ comp claim. The senators reportedly are are uncomfortable with part of the bill that would have created a cause of action against employers who take action based on a belief that an employee might file a claim. WVTF [with audio]


Business protection legislation on fast-track in Florida

Florida consumer groups are protesting legislative efforts to give businesses immunity from COVID-lawsuits. The legislation is on a fast track, but is facing partisan opposition. WCTV (Tallahassee, Fla.)


University of New Hampshire faculty member resigns after misconduct allegations

A faculty member at the University of New Hampshire has resigned because of social media posts that violated the school’s policy against “intimidation and harassment,” according to school officials. Boston Globe [may require registration]


Why so many COVID-19 workers’ comp claims are being rejected

Insurance carriers and business groups feared at the start of the pandemic that they would be overwhelmed by workers’ comp claims related to COVID-19, but employees who allege they contracted it on the job can face a high bar to prove their cases. Fox Business


AF Group acquires Florida-based workers’ comp support company

AF Group, a Michigan-based provider of insurance solutions, has acquired Florida-based DecisionUR, which streamlines the workers’ compensation claim review process. dbusiness