News Digest 4-5-2021


California: Ojai business owner pleads guilty to workers’ compensation fraud

The Ventura County district attorney last week announced a business owner in Ojai has pled guilty to two counts of felony insurance fraud for misrepresenting the number of employees he had and his total payroll when reporting to his workers’ compensation insurance company. KEYT


Two dozen jobs that can damage your hearing

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 22 million Americans are exposed to one particular hazard at work: noise. Nearly half of the jobs that rank among the noisiest in America are production occupations, including machine assemblers, food processors, machinists, woodworkers, and more. These jobs require the use of large, noisy machinery, and employees are exposed to constant noise pollution throughout the day. 24/7 Wall St.


LWCC to return $94M to policyholders

Louisiana Workers Compensation Corporation is planning to return $94 million to its 20,000 policyholders, who can expect to see their checks as early as April 30. WAFB (Baton Rouge, La.)


LUBA explores wearable technology in the workplace

According to the National Safety Council, the most common workplace injuries stem from overexertion: lifting, lowering and repetitive motion; being stuck or caught in a piece of equipment; and slips, trips or falls. But wearable technology can reduce these risks in many of those cases, according to Kelli Bondy Troutman, the senior vice-president and director of communications at LUBA Workers’ Comp. Although some wearables are being tested by insurance companies and their employers, the full impact of the devices on the workers’ comp industry remains unclear. Mississippi Business Journal


Michigan Senate considers expanding workers’ comp coverage to more firemen

Two bills in the Michigan Legislature would expand protections for thousands of firemen who are diagnosed with cancer. Current law only allows for full-time firemen who get certain kinds of cancer to be eligible for workers’ compensation. Under the proposed legislation, that would include both volunteer and part-time firemen and to add cancers that are unique to women. Fox 47