News Digest 5-14-2020

Quote of the day

“Work injuries happen at home all the time. And if you get hurt while working at home, you’re entitled to benefits under the Minnesota Workers Compensation Act.”

Gretchen Hall, Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney




New Jersey high court finds no conflict between workers’ comp, auto insurance laws

The New Jersey Supreme Court in a split decision has ruled an auto insurance statute does not preclude a workers’ compensation carrier from suing to recoup benefits it paid for a New Jersey Transit employee’s injuries in a vehicle accident. Jersey Law Journal


Kansas labor secretary seeks workers’ comp for frontline employees

The Kansas Department of Labor Secretary yesterday said the department has written temporary regulations seeking workers’ compensation for essential and frontline employees impacted by COVID-19. The proposed regulation would provide workers’ comp for law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical service providers, health care workers and essential employees who contract COVID-19 while on the job. KWCH (Wichita)


Workplace protections apply to home offices

Suppose you’re an employee working at home instead of the office. And you somehow get injured while on the clock. Is that a home accident? Or a workplace injury? MPR News


Older, larger companies benefit from not investing in worker safety, study finds

When it’s cheaper to pay nominal fines for violating workplace regulations than to provide safe workplaces, that indicates current safety regulations are not enough to protect workers, an international collaboration of researchers has found. Researchers determined whether a company provided a safe workplace by examining the company’s history of disabling claims, using data provided by the Oregon Department of Consumer Affairs. PhysOrg