News Digest 5-26-2020

Quote of the day

“It’s certainly a big issue. This is coming up in every conversation I have with businesses … We want to protect those [business owners] who are doing everything they can to protect their employees and the general public.”

Joe Brennan, president of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association

CT Mirror



Connecticut businesses push for pandemic liability protections

Pressure for some kind of action to protect Connecticut businesses from liability lawsuits from customers and employees who contract COVID-19 is being put on both Congress and on Gov. Ned Lamont. Trial lawyers are warning that overly broad pandemic protections for businesses could be unconstitutional and could backfire. CT Mirror


Illinois workers’ comp omnibus heads to governor’s desk

A compromise bill that deals with COVID-19 and workers’ compensation passed the Illinois House on Friday and will head to the governor. Among other things, the bill creates a presumption that a police officer or firefighter who dies as a result of COVID-19 contracted the virus on the job. Passage of the bill came nearly a month after Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s administration was sued for its emergency rules put in place to require employers to pay workers’ compensation if an employee was diagnosed with COVID-19 without proof it was contracted at the workplace. Southern Illinoisan


Judge throws out softball-related workers’ comp claim

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against a Delaware law firm filed by a paralegal who claims he experienced retaliation after being injured while playing on the firm’s softball team and sought workers’ compensation. The paralegal contend employees were pressured into playing on the team. The Hour


Lawyers weigh in on liability of businesses reopening in pandemic

As Nevada businesses welcome back customers, establishments that follow the governor’s orders and federal guidelines are less likely to face repercussions, legal experts say. Las Vegas attorney Lisa Anderson suggests employees who return to work in the early stages of the pandemic document their surroundings and encounters. Las Vegas Review-Journal


Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation receives more than 470 claims related to COVID-19

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation last week released data showing how many people have filed claims for COVID-19. According to the latest data, since March 11, 472 claims have been filed. Of the state funded claims, only 84 were accepted while 27 were denied and 91 were dismissed. The other 122 are still pending. The claims also came from a variety of professions, with the majority including nurses, correction officers, firefighters, police and drivers. Fox 8 (Cleveland)