News Digest 6-17-2021


California: Riverside board allocates additional millions to cover workers’ comp obligations

The Riverside County, California Board of Supervisors Tuesday authorized the county’s Department of Human Resources to spend an additional $4 million in the current fiscal year to cover costs stemming from workers’ compensation claims, which spiked unexpectedly. MyNewsLA


Virginia: Cumberland County fire, EMS staff eligible for workers’ comp

Following passage of a resolution, volunteer fire and emergency medical services employees in Cumberland County, Virginia are now eligible for workers’ compensation coverage under state law. Farmville Herald (Farmville, Va.)


Massachusetts bookkeeper, employer to pay restitution in workers’ comp scheme

A Haverhill, Massachusetts woman admitted Wednesday in court prosecutors had evidence she mischaracterized employees as part of a lower-risk landscape crew to reduce the cost of workers’ comp premiums. Salem News


Heat safety tips to practice while on the job

According to Fed-OSHA, 50-70 percent of heat-related deaths on the job happen during the first days of extreme temperature change, as the body gradually adapts to hotter temperatures. Here are recommended guidelines when it comes to working in the heat and protecting employees, provided by Fed-OSHA and the Centers for Disease Control. CBS19