News Digest 6-21-2022


Survey: 4 in 10 employees deferred healthcare in the past year

More than four in 10 employees delayed or canceled a medical procedure in the past year, according to a new report from Willis Towers Watson of more than 9,600 employees in the U.S. Twenty percent of those surveyed said their provider canceled the treatment or procedure. When asked why they deferred care, 25% said they could not afford it and 23% said they were unsure of the associated costs. The survey also found 17% did not fill a prescription. Fierce Healthcare


Why many employees have limited legal recourse after a workplace shooting

According to the FBI, there were 61 active shooter incidents in 2021, about one every six days. Many of these active and/or mass shooting events occur at a location where people are working, resulting in employees being injured or killed. When these tragedies occur, do the employees have any employment-related rights? Forbes


Italian exoskeleton uses AI to give “super strength” to manual workers

Researchers from the Italian Institute of Technology, in partnership with representatives of the Italian Workers’ Compensation Authority, have developed three prototype wearable exoskeletons intended to ease the burden on factory employees and manual workers. According to scientists, using electric motors and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, the devices are able to reduce the effort required to perform more demanding tasks by up to 40%. California 18


Pennsylvania: Montgomery County OKs $1.4M in commercial insurance agreements

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania’s top elected officials unanimously authorized more than $1.4 million in commercial insurance agreements last week ahead of a looming deadline. The agreements featured during the county board of commissioners meeting range from liability to workers’ compensation to flood, spanning the gamut of insurance purposes. Current policies are slated to lapse on June 30. The Reporter