News Digest 6-23-2020

Quote of the day

“It should be noted that doctors’ offices are frequently unwilling to complete these forms. Employees have reported that doctors are charging fees ranging from $25 to $75 dollars, which is of course not covered by health insurance plans.”

Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission, in response to an audit

Yankee Institute



Can the government legally force you to wear a mask?

“Anti-maskers” have claimed a “disability” to avoid wearing face masks. What disabilities must you prove to avoid having to wear a mask? Can an employer force you to wear one? Poynter


Audit: Connecticut Workers’ Comp Commission lacked approval for medical absences for employees

The Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission lacked approvals for medical leaves of absence for its own employees, according to a new audit. The commission responded that it agreed with the auditors’ findings but that it’s been difficult to enforce the requirement with employees. Yankee Institute


Maryland: EMS companies to get more financial help from county

Washington County, Maryland officials unanimously voted last week to begin reimbursing EMS health-insurance costs. Starting to reimburse the health care costs provides some financial relief for the EMS companies, freeing up money they can reinvest in their paid personnel by increasing salaries or improving 401(k) or retirement benefits, according to the county’s emergency services director. Herald-Mail


Nurses file COVID-based lawsuit against Athens hospital

A group of nurses at a Georgia hospital have filed a lawsuit accusing their CEO of a “coverup” involving improper collection of test samples to reduce positive test results for COVID-19. The nurses claim the hospital’s testing practices allowed it to accept vulnerable patients admitted from larger hospitals, thus allowing the hospital to keep billing Medicare for services and maintain sufficient patient volume. Albany Herald


Report could result in reinstatement of Guam port employee fired after workers’ comp claim

Mistakes by Port Authority of Guam management could result in the reinstatement of a former employee who was fired in 2012 for allegedly attempting to receive illegal workers’ compensation payments after she reportedly was injured after falling in a restroom. Pacific Daily News