News Digest 6-25-2019

Quote of the day

“There’s so much blood on our hands and our shoes, if they would let some of that blood that gets on us, that stains our mind, if they had to see some of that I think maybe they would understand.”

Don Estepp, veteran fireman regarding post-traumatic stress disorder

WDTN (Dayton, Ohio)




Pushback on PTSD coverage for Ohio first responders

Many firefighters have found that job-related post-traumatic stress disorder has affected their ability to perform their duties, but some in the business community do not want PTSD to be added to the list of things for which first responders can claim workers’ compensation. WDTN (Dayton, Ohio)


Former Iowa workers’ comp commissioner testifies in his discrimination trial

Former Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commissioner Chris Godfrey, who is suing former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad for allegedly discriminating against him on the basis of his sexual orientation, took the stand last week in the third week of the trial. The former governor has said he asked Godfrey to resign and cut his salary because he wanted someone on his team who supported his agenda. Des Moines Register


One-fifth of insurance spent on fraud, North Carolina officials report

The North Carolina Department of Insurance says up to 20 percent of what consumers pay for insurance goes to fraudulent claims and the agency has doubled the number of special agents investigating cases in response. More than 500 arrests were made last year and the number appears to be rising. WLOS [with video]


Jury convicts Texas clinic owner of fraud

After about an hour of deliberations, a Texas jury Friday convicted the operator of San Antonio-based physical therapy clinics of charges that he defrauded workers’ compensation out of millions of dollars for claiming physical therapy sessions were provided by licensed health care professionals, when unlicensed physical therapy technicians actually conducted the services. San Antonio Express-News [may require registration]


Missouri: Scott County sues opioid manufacturer for costs incurred fighting ‘epidemic’

Scott County, Missouri has joined the list of counties in the state taking legal action to recover expenses related to the opioid epidemic. The county has sued a St. Louis-based manufacturer of prescription opioids and its subsidiary. Public safety costs, according to the county’s attorney, include “law enforcement, paramedics, jail space, drug task forces, overtime hours and various related costs to combating the illegal diversion of opioids, fentanyl and heroin trafficking.” Missouri is one of about three dozen states that have filed lawsuits. Southeast Missourian