News Digest 6-26-2020

Quote of the day

“This was a pharmacy that was dispensing super high, outrageous volumes of opioids to workers injured on the job and were submitting workers’ comp claims. What was at issue was the company was pumping out all these pills — including opioids like fentanyl — with a shocking lack of regard for whether those prescriptions were actually legitimate.”

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey




Massachusetts AG settles with pharmacy over illegal opioid prescribing

The Massachusetts attorney general has reached an $11 million settlement with a mail-order pharmacy, which handles prescriptions for workers injured on the job who have filed workers’ compensation claims, over allegations the company had a role in shipping thousands of illegitimate opioid painkiller prescriptions around the country. The complaint alleges the company facilitated the shipment of thousands of illegitimate prescriptions mostly for opioid painkillers and took steps to increase sales, such as paying law firms for patient referrals. WBUR


Who will cover the cost of first responders with COVID-19?

Workers’ compensation practitioners across the nation face the same fundamental question with respect to COVID-19 claims: did the employee contract the disease at work? A new Senate bill has the potential to preempt longstanding state laws regarding the burden of proof in workers’ compensation litigation. And if the preemption applies, it will result in shifting the cost of the pandemic, in terms of medical expenses and lost wages, onto employers and their workers’ compensation carriers, writes Jonathan P. Spadea, Chartwell Law. Bloomberg Law


What to consider before asking employees, customers to sign COVID liability waivers

Liability waivers have emerged as one way for businesses open during the pandemic to protect themselves against lawsuits, yet there are many factors business owners should consider before asking customers or employees to waive their legal rights to sue, according to Syracuse attorney with Bond, Schoeneck & King. Here are some tips on liability waivers.


HEMIC’s new relief program gives $2M back to its policyholders in premium credit

Hawaii Employers’ Mutual Insurance Co., Inc. has unveiled a new COVID-19 workers’ compensation premium relief program, providing a total of $2 million in financial relief to policyholders in the form of a premium credit. The premium relief distribution will be credited to policyholders’ accounts by the end of July. Pacific Business News