News Digest 6-5-2019

Quote of the day

“There’s a deal waiting to be made where both sides would give a little to get a little. Is that kind of governing still possible?”

Portland Press Herald



Press Herald opinion: Workers’ comp reform tests Maine legislators’ skill

Proposed reform of Maine’s workers’ compensation insurance regulation is a great example of how compromise is the best way to make good laws, the Portland Press Herald’s editorial board argues. But so far, elected Republicans have rejected the reform package, saying that they would not support any changes to what now exists. Portland Press Herald

Bridge injury ruled not within scope of maritime workers’ comp

A carpenter for a railroad company who was seriously injured when part of the bridge on which he was replacing railroad ties collapsed is not required to seek damages under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, according to a recent federal appeals court ruling. Bloomberg Environment

Memorial to Boise fireman spotlights PTSI

Hundreds gathered over the weekend in Nampa, Idaho to honor a longtime Boise firefighter who took his own life last week at a fire station while on duty. Charlie Ruffing, 53, served with the Boise department for 20 years, was named Idaho Firefighter of the Year in 2008, and had a wife, five daughters and seven grandchildren. He had been diagnosed with post- traumatic stress injury, according to the chief of the Boise Fire Department, which is distinct from post- traumatic stress disorder. Idaho Statesman

Daily News editorial: Workers’ comp not working in New York

A new report from the Center for New York City Affairs lays out some grim details regarding the state’s workers’ compensation system. Bureaucracy often makes it complicated and expensive for injured workers to claim benefits to which they’re entitled, while insurance industry profits spiked up 92 percent between 2014 and 2017, even as payouts total just 55 percent of premiums. New York Daily News

Driver alleges he was fired for filing workers’ comp claim

A Logan County, West Virginia man charges in a lawsuit he experienced retaliation after he sustaining injuries while working as a driver for a transportation company, and lost his job after he filed for workers’ compensation. West Virginia Record