News Digest 6-5-2020

Quote of the day

“Clatsop County desires balanced protections for the most vulnerable while supporting the operational needs of essential businesses.”

Michael McNickle, public health director, Clatsop County, Oregon

Daily Astorian



McDonald’s case tests nuisance theory

Workers at McDonald’s locations in Chicago are arguing that the fast food chain’s inadequate COVID-19 safeguards constitute a public nuisance that will further spread the disease. However, a hurdle to employees’ public nuisance claims is workers’ compensation. Bloomberg Law


Ohio Senate considers COVID-19 lawsuit protection

The Ohio Senate will consider legislation aimed at protecting individuals and businesses from lawsuits filed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The measure gives immunity to businesses, schools and health care providers from pandemic-inspired lawsuits. Mahoning Matters


Vermont unemployment claims keeping falling, but slower

Weekly unemployment insurance claims have continued to subside in Vermont as the state reopens. Initial and ongoing claims have now decreased every week since the peak in early April. vermontbiz


Oregon county calls for testing, inspections at seafood processors

Clatsop County, Oregon’s public health director this week asked the Oregon Health Authority for mandatory testing for essential workers and more frequent state inspections of seafood processing plants. Daily Astorian


What new Michigan no-fault laws mean for employees injured in accidents in employer-owned vehicle

New reforms to Michigan law may raise questions for employees driving vehicles owned by their employers. What do you do if you are in an accident on the job? What do you do if you are in an accident in your employer’s vehicle? What if your spouse is in an accident while driving a vehicle owned by your employer? Lexology