News Digest 6/11/2008

By: Rick Waldinger

Quote of the day

A 16% increase may increase the incentive to file claims, especially for carpal tunnel syndrome, so we're probably talking more about a 25% to 30% increase."

Bill Zachry, vice president of risk management for Safeway, on the likely hike in payments under an updated permanent disability rating schedule

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Publius Looks at Two Recent Decisions
Chiropractic treatments and permanent disability rating schedules were recently the subject of important judicial decisions. Publius’ take on the decisions will shed light on your understanding of the workers’ compensation system. It also just might influence future outcomes. This commentary is provided as clear content so the community can consider the issues.
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Fraud Fighting Gains Newfound Attention
State agencies and legislators are adopting a new approach to fighting workers’ comp fraud. See who’s in the crosshairs now and what new fraud-fighting programs are coming down the pike. Premium subscribers can click right here.
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SIG Rules: Subject of Debate
The state’s second draft of rules governing self-insured groups generated a new round of feedback from the industry. See what’s lacking in the proposed regulatory package. Premium subscribers can do the thing they do with the mouse right here.
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Court Issues Decision in Facundo-Guerrero v. WCAB
The verdict is in. Did the Legislature’s historic decision to cap chiropractic benefits at 24 visits survive its first major court challenge? And how did this appellate court rule on the Legislature’s right to legislate? Is this the last we’ll hear of the issue? Premium subscribers can find the answers to these questions and more, such as which former Supreme Court justice argued the case and on which side. Premium subscribers can just click here.
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New PDRS: Is the Party Over?
The Schwarzenegger administration pays a ransom to free the DIR director’s confirmation, and releases the long-overdue update to California’s permanent disability rating schedule. Most, but not all, injuries would see an increase in benefits under the revised schedule. Premium subscribers can just click here.
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WCAB Issues First En Banc Decision of 2008
The Boughner case challenged the validity of the 2005 permanent disability ratings schedule based on new evidence presented at trial. See what WCAB had to say about that evidence and the judge’s interpretation of its en banc ruling in Costa. Premium subscribers can just click here.
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Fraud Funding in Flux
Workers’ comp fraud is supposedly a billion-dollar problem, and DAs want funding to fight it. How much do they want and will they get it? Find out in the current edition of Workers’ Comp Executive.
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