News Digest 7-17-2019

Quote of the day

“The statute, as written, bars both in-person and written solicitation, with or without the use of ill-gotten claimant information.”

Judge John Bush, 6th Circuit

ABA Journal



Drug abuse thriving in Appalachia

The National Safety Council has discovered that 75 percent of employers in Appalachia have reported their companies being directly affected by opioids, contributing to workplace overdoses and injuries, positive drug tests, and absenteeism. Heroin was at the top of the list. Salem News


6th Circuit rules for law firm challenging ban on solicitation of claimants

An Ohio law firm that mailed advertising to workers’ compensation claimants by hiring a journalistic service has succeeded in its constitutional challenge to a state law that banned such solicitations for legal representation. The state had argued that the solicitation ban was part of a larger statutory scheme that restricts access to claimant address information from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. ABA Journal


House Dems propose workplace heat standard

U.S. House of Representatives Democrats last week released a bill that would require Fed-OSHA to develop a federal standard on workplace heat stress within two years that would cover both indoor and outdoor workers. National Law Review


Ohioan convicted of workers’ comp fraud

Following an investigation from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, a Springfield man has been sentenced to more than two years of probation after pleading guilty to workers’ compensation fraud. Springfield News-Sun