News Digest 7-27-2021


Ohio BWC to offer wellness program

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is accepting applications for the Workplace Wellness Grant Program, which assists employers with the creation and implementation of a workplace wellness program: a health-risk appraisal, a biometric assessment and programs designed to address risk factors. Times Reporter


South Carolina emergency service employees seek mental health leave

Emergency personnel in South Carolina are pushing for workers’ compensation to cover mental health leave. Currently, workers’ comp law prevents first responders from getting benefits for mental health injuries resulting from traumatic events witnessed on the job. According to a 2019 study, 22 percent of firemen will meet criteria for PTSD during their career, and between 7-11 percent of them suffer from clinical depression. WLTX


Pennsylvania tries to crack down on unemployment fraud

Unemployment benefits fraud has been on the rise since Pennsylvania launched a new unemployment system in June. Employers struggling to keep up with unemployment fraud cases hope new precautions will cut down on scammers placing fake claims in employees’ names. WGAL


Illinois officials provide steps to prevent violence on the job

State officials in Illinois on Monday announced the Illinois Department of Labor is highlight steps to prevent violence on the job. KWQC (Davenport, Iowa)


‘To cope with the labor shortage, raise emotional compensation’

Raising wages and offering attractive benefit packages are the primary and traditional tools employers have used to attract and retain quality people. In this new environment, however, employers should not limit their thinking to compensation that is purely financial, writes Michael Lee Stallard, of E Pluribus Partners. Government Executive