News Digest 7-29-2021


Federal agency that oversees 9/11 health program warns law firms not to engage in fraud

The World Trade Center Health Program, a federal agency that oversees the 9/11 health care and compensation, is warning law firms that work with sick survivors and responders to follow the law themselves as the deadline to seek compensation goes into effect on July 29, the deadline for filing claims to the 9/11 compensation fund run by the Department of justice. New York Daily News [with video]


Attorneys discuss current hot topics in workers’ comp in D.C., Maryland, Virginia

Here, Chartwell Law’s Robert J. Baker, John T. Huskin, Jr., and Steven R. Tregea disucss the current hot topics in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia workers’ compensation. Topics include injuries suffered while working from home and light duty work while downsizing. JD Supra


Oregon: Task force raids ‘black-market’ marijuana grow

A task force raid on a black-market marijuana grow near Central Point, Oregon uncovered illegal marijuana, guns, and unsafe living conditions for migrant employees. Living and working areas reportedly were filthy, cramped, and otherwise unsafe with many sleeping on cardboard inside shipping containers with little or no access to bathing and bathroom facilities. KTVL (Medford, Ore.)


Two killed in Texas chemical plant leak

A leak of of acetic acid, a food preservative that is commonly used to make vinegar, at a chemical plant in Texas about 25 miles east of Houston late Tuesday killed two people, and injured dozens, in what local authorities are describing as a “mass casualty incident.” Washington Post