News Digest 8-19-2019

Quote of the day

“Our industry was slower to adopt analytics,” We’re fully on board now — and the future looks bright.”

Doug Dunton, business analytics manager at New Mexico Mutual

Albuquerque Business First



Montana insurance commissioner warns of contractor fraud after hailstorm

Montana’s state auditor and insurance commissioner is warning property owners to be wary of out-of-state contractors soliciting work following a recent hailstorm. Among other tips, property owners are advised to verify that any contractor is registered in the state, has workers’ compensation and liability insurance, and is bonded. KTVQ (Helena)


Arizona justices give fireman another chance for workers’ comp

The Arizona Supreme Court last week ruled it did not have enough information to uphold a denial of workers’ compensation to a fireman who was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia, a rare form of blood-cell cancer that starts in the bone marrow, in 2015. The city of Goodyear’s insurer, CopperPoint American Insurance Company, denied his claim. Arizona Republic [may require registration]


Data analytics and workers’ compensation

The growing science of data analytics isn’t new, but it’s been taking the workers’ comp insurance world by storm in recent years. Canit help your business? Albuquerque Business First


End of pre-employment drug testing doesn’t mean you can’t still be fired for marijuana

Even in a jurisdiction that has stopped pre-employment marijuana testing, an employee can still be fired down the road for cannabis use, and any worker involved in an accident probably will be tested. Morning Call (Allentown, Pa.)


British Columbia business groups pull out of workers’ compensation review

A group of 46 British Columbia business associations has withdrawn from a review into the rights of injured workers, workers’ compensation and the employer responsibilities. The groups include associations representing small businesses, agriculture, seniors’ care providers, construction, mining, engineering, hotels, restaurants, road builders, home builders, manufacturing, trucking and roofing companies. They say the labor lawyer who heads up the review is regurgitating recommendations made a decade ago for the province’s labor federation. Vancouver Sun