News Digest 8-2-2021


City of Chicago recovering nearly $1M in paid sick leave violations

The City of Chicago Labor Standards Bureau is cracking down on companies that violate a city ordinance by failing to provide paid sick leave to employees. One company that operates 40 fast food restaurants in the area acknowledged in a settlement it did not give nearly 2,500 employees paid sick leave. Illinois News Today


City of Houston denies benefits for fireman who died of cancer

The city of Houston has not recognized a veteran fireman’s death as a line of duty death despite a 2019 Texas law that says colon cancer in fireman is considered a work-related injury. A local news station has found 43 of the department’s 93 Houston fire stations don’t have a vent system that is designed to remove or minimize harmful carcinogens from the stations; and a recent survey found vents at 12 of the stations that do have them are not working. ABC13 (Houston)


Lawsuits filed following deadly acid leak at Texas plant

Attorneys employees and families have filed lawsuits related to last Tuesday’s acid leak at a La Porte, Texas facility that resulted in the deaths of two contractors. According to one of the court documents filed Thursday, the plaintiffs claim the company was aware of a leak and called a company that specializes in sealing and repairing industrial leaks. KHOU (Houston)


Michigan justices order oral argument in widow’s workers’ comp case

The Michigan Supreme Court will schedule oral argument in a case where workers’ compensation benefits were awarded to a widow whose husband was killed in an accident while on his way to take a class encouraged by his employer. Michigan Lawyers Weekly [may require registration]