News Digest 9-13-2019

Quote of the day

“I think there must be some unintended consequence in this law. There is something, some loophole. Or not.”

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey




Arizona governor decries firefighters being denied workers’ comp

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey says firefighters battling cancer whose workers’ compensation claims are being denied “angers” and “disappoints” him and that something needs to be changed with the current handling of claims. KTAR [with video]


Gun range employees’ workers’ comp lawsuit withdrawn

Six former employees of a Philadelphia shooting range who allege they were fired after filing workers’ compensation claims for respiratory-related injuries, including ongoing fatigue, dizziness, nausea, and headaches, have withdrawn their case without prejudice. It’s possible they may re-file in the future. Pennsylvania Record


New York woman denies cashing deceased grandmother’s workers’ comp checks

A 37-year-old Rochester, New York woman, whom prosecutors have charged with cashing more than $5,000 in workers’ compensation checks meant for her deceased grandmother, has pleaded not guilty. WHAM (Rochester)


Nova Scotia construction sites described as ‘Wild West’

Some Nova Scotia workers say fear is a factor in their silence on workplace hazards that sometimes put their lives at risk. A commercial construction manager describes the province’s commercial construction industry as “the Wild West.” Global News [with video]


France: Employer must compensate family after employee dies during sex on business trip

A court in France has ruled that a company is liable for the death of an employee who had cardiac arrest while having sex with a stranger on a business trip, and must pay compensation to his family. BBC