News Digest 9-13-2021


Minneapolis City Council committee OKs another $1.6M in workers’ comp settlements

A Minneapolis City Council committee last week voted to approve $1.6 million worth of workers’ compensation settlements for nine police officers. As of June, the council had approved 16 settlements worth a total $2.7 million for injuries sustained last year. Given the current pace of settlements, the total cost to Minneapolis taxpayers could stretch into the tens of millions. Minnesota Reformer


The controversial story of the remains of the World Trade Center

The story of 9/11 provides a stark example of the political economy of waste management, which profoundly shapes the culture of the modern metropolis, writes Michael Picard of the University of Edinburgh. RTE


St. Louis marks frontline of construction’s opioid battle in U.S.

Construction work generates a perfect storm of factors leading to opioid addictions and suicides, starting with the high risk of injuries, making them at greater risk than other employees to be prescribed opioids that may lead to addiction, states the Associated General Contractors of Missouri. St. Louis has been an epicenter of the treatment of opioid misuse and suicide in recent years thanks to committed teams from the St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, the constructor Alberici, AGCMO and others. Daily Commercial News


Michigan: Causation and mental health issues

Where the Michigan Compensation Appellate Commission affirmed a determination by a magistrate that a plaintiff failed to demonstrate her mental health issues were significantly contributed to by the plaintiff’s workplace accident, the commission employed a proper standard of law when analyzing the magistrate’s decision regarding causation. Michigan Lawyers Weekly [may require registration]