News Digest 9-21-2021


Washington officials criticize Biden for challenging nuclear workplace health law

Officials in Washington state are upset the Biden administration is challenging a law making it easier for employees who have become ill due to their work at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, a former nuclear weapons production site, to be compensated. The law required the Washington Department of Labor and Industries to presume radiological or chemical exposures at Hanford were the cause of any neurological diseases or respiratory illnesses claimed by past or current Hanford employees. WCYB


AOC’s ‘Tax the rich’ dress designer owes tax debt in multiple states

Designer Aurora James’ company reportedly racked up three open tax warrants in New York state for failing to withhold income taxes from employees’ paychecks totaling nearly $14,800 from 2018 and 2019, according to the New York Department of Taxation and Finance. In October 2019, the state Workers’ Compensation Board fined the company $17,000 for not carrying workers’ compensation insurance between March 2017 and February 2018. Fox Business


Another lawsuit filed against Alabama chemical plant

Another lawsuit related to an employee’s alleged chemical exposure has been filed against Daikin America, a chemical plant in Decatur, Alabama, in connection with the same incident that killed another employee in August. Families of two other alleged chemical exposure victims are also suing the company. WAFF


Canada: Yukon expands cancer coverage for firemen

This fall, the Yukon is looking to introduce legislation the new Workers’ Safety and Compensation Act, that will cover a broad array of presumptive cancers, including thyroid and pancreatic cancer, for full- and part-time and volunteer firemen. The new bill will also provide coverage for multiple myeloma, primary site prostate cancer, primary site skin cancer, primary site breast cancer, and several others. Canadian HR Reporter