What is Point of Order:

The Publius discusses California’s multibillion-dollar workers’ compensation system. These essays represent a collaborative effort by those intimately familiar with our workers’ compensation system in all its various aspects. They will appear periodically as events warrant, but for the time being in each print edition. These essays are intended to stimulate thought and debate in a way that well-crafted sound bites before legislative committees, regulatory hearings, or journalists under deadline cannot do.

The Workers’ Comp Executive is proud to host this effort.

Point of Order Articles:

CVII: Then There Were Two

On June 22, Governor Brown announced that Juan Pedro Gaffney, 80, of Sebastopol, had been appointed to the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB).  Per the announcement, “Gaffney has been a … Read More »

CXII From The Inside

Revisions to Self-Insured Group Regulations    Reviewing the revisions to regulations recently released by the Department of Industrial Relations-Office of Self-Insured Plans (DIR-OSIP), my mind is drawn to the fact that … Read More »

CXI Legacy

What will happen now that Governor Schwarzenegger’s lust for legacy has officially closed the door on needed reforms to California’s workers’ comp system? Let me start from the beginning. Just about … Read More »

CX. A Dustup to the East

When someone mentions Arizona these days, it is usually because of the running battle over its recently enacted immigration laws. But a few intriguing developments in the Grand Canyon State … Read More »