Fact Checking

As noted in the last edition of this publication, the latest existential threat to California’s workers’ compensation system is Assembly Bill 1465 co-authored by Assembly Majority Leader Eloise Reyes (D-San … Read More »

Recall Déjà Vu’

In 2003, proponents of the recall of Governor Gray Davis stated, as part of their justification for the recall:   “Over 296,000 good paying jobs have left California…and more are … Read More »

Provider Network, Presumption Bills Causing Concern

California Legislators added a handful of bills late in the introduction period to amend the state’s workers’ comp system.  Concerns are being raised by employers and payors. Provider-focused bills seek to amend the medical provider network (MPN) and billing rules, whilst others build on the workers’ comp presumptions for public safety officers. There are not … Read More »

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On February 17, the Labor & Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) announced the creation of an Employer Portal for COVID-19 industry guidance. Per the LWDA, the Portal is, “…a one-stop hub … Read More »