Diana Rich Appointed to WCIRB Board

Diana Rich
Diana Rich

Diana Rich has been appointed to the governing board of the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau.  Commissioner Ricardo Lara made the appointment. Ms. Rich is appointed as a public member and will serve for two years ending March 21, 2021.

Bill Mudge, president of the Bureau, told Workers’ Comp Executive “We will publicly welcome Diana at our next Governing Committee on August 7th.”

Ms. Rich said “I’m thrilled beyond belief to be picked.” She says she is enthusiastic about the changes the Bureau has made in terms of public outreach. She hopes to help employers understand how to use the rules for their benefit, “things like the $250 exclusion,” she said.

Rich is the risk manager of Foundation Building Materials, Inc, (FMB), a building materials company headquartered in Tustin, California.  FMB is a publicly-traded company ( NYSE: FMB ) with 170 locations around the country, ten of which are in California.

Ms. Rich is Director of Risk Management for the company and is responsible for insurance programs and claims management for premiums in the millions of dollars.

She has been active in RIMS since 1992, is chapter president of Orange County, is a well-known speaker, and has won the Heart of RIMS award, a recognition for her contribution to the local risk management community.