Is This True or Not – You Decide

Consistent with the Biden Administration goals, insurance regulatory authorities in the European Union (EU) and Bermuda have petitioned the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to address non-US domiciled insurers doing business in the United States.

Rather than call them “alien insurers” as they are currently referred to, the petition requests that non-US domiciled insurers and reinsurers be designated as Non Us Domiciled Enterprises. The EU and Bermuda insurance regulatory authorities in their petition write that, in the interest of transparency, the proposed designation is important to show non-US domiciled insurers have nothing to hide.

In today’s woke environment, phraseology is being created which may not necessarily reflect reality. Sometimes the real news we read is unbelievable. Workers’ Comp Executive thinks you should decide for yourself whether or not you think this story is true.

Here is NAIC’s most recent alien insurer listing: