National Award For Applied Underwriters Reportage

Workers’ Comp Executive is pleased to announce that the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA) is recognizing the publication for its continued excellence in covering the controversies surrounding Applied Underwriters and its EquityComp program. The publication received an award in the “Best Series of Articles On One Topic” category at the associations 43rd annual gathering.

The 2019 awards were the 40th set handed out by the organization to recognize excellence in all facets of the specialized information publishing industry, including editorial excellence.

Workers’ Comp Executive has written extensively on the scandals surrounding this program since before Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones chastised Applied Underwriters for “bait and switch” marketing and declaring the program illegal. Our coverage continues through today with the controversies enveloping Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara and his acceptance of campaign contributions from individuals linked to Applied Underwriters. The award from SIPA recognizes the scope and depth of our coverage of this issue, as well as the timeliness of the reporting.