News Digest 1-11-2021


Kansas Supreme Court upholds workers’ compensation law

The Kansas Supreme Court on Friday ruled that an amendment to the Kansas Workers Compensation Act was constitutional because it did not alter the requirement that impairment be “established by competent medical evidence.” Critics argued that the Sixth Edition of the AMA guide adopted by the Kansas Legislature unfairly limits compensation to injured employees, reducing compensation by as much as 40 to 70 percent.


Washington L&I cites statutes giving governor authority to enforce restaurant rules

The Washington Department of Labor and Industries is citing statutes that provide the legal authority for public health enforcement actions by Governor Jay Inslee, such as those affecting restaurants. The Daily News


What employers should know about COVID-19 vaccine policies

With the COVID-19 vaccine anticipated to become available to the general public, many Michigan employers are questioning how they should proceed with requiring vaccinations. Can the implement a mandatory vaccine policy? Attorneys Olivia Hankinson and Mark Knoth of Kerr Russell discuss. JD Supra


January is Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month

Studies from NIOSH identified firemen have a greater chance of being diagnosed with dying from cancer. Some of what puts them at risk are soot and carcinogens that come in through openings in the gear they wear. News Channel 6 [with video]


Some Michigan restaurants defy dine-in ban

MIOSHA is one of the multiple state agencies citing businesses disobeying COVID-19 safety measures. The latest batch of citations includes 13 Michigan Department of Health and Human Services fines to restaurants and bars for violating the state’s latest health order, which closes dine-in seating at restaurants through January 15. There were 65 active Michigan COVID-19 outbreaks tied to restaurants and bars at the start of the dine-in ban in November; there are now 10. Mlive