News Digest 1-12-2021


Illinois Senate passes law extending workers’ comp for first responders, essential employees

The Illinois Senate has passed a law extending protection measures for first responders and essential employees for another six months. The law allows them to file for workers’ compensation if they contract COVID-19 during the course of their employment. The bill now goes to the Illinois House for final consideration. WAND


A far-flung workforce is the post-Covid new normal

COVID-19 fundamentally reshaped the workplace. A growing number of employees want to continue working from home. Employers will need to be more flexible, particularly if key employees are requesting novel work arrangements in far-flung locations. However, flexibility is just a small part of the equation, writes Clay Creps of Tonkon Torp LLP. Portland Business Journal [may require registration]


Do food delivery drivers qualify for workers’ comp?

All sorts of eateries have employees who make food deliveries from their kitchen to the clients’ doorstep. Research done around the US revealed that food delivery jobs are among the most dangerous tasks. KHTS


Choking driver injured in accident found eligible for workers’ comp

A Missouri appellate panel split on whether an employee of a satellite television provider was eligible for workers’ compensation after he crashed his work vehicle while choking on a sandwich. Missouri Lawyers